Words Mean Things!

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Words mean things! Joe Scarborough was lamenting that the media, including the New York Times, ridiculed those that dared speak about their support for Donald Trump. He postulates that in doing so, they moved from being reporters of news to creators of news. While very arrogant, it appears the media thought that nobody that was sane or who mattered could possibly disagree with them. When the media interacts with the people they are supposed to be observing and reporting on, they hope to affect the outcome of their observation. I believe they did it with intent, but misjudged the power of their influence; They intended to influence what could be, instead of being reporters of what is. Expect people to lie about whether they support Trump if you just called Trump supporters idiots. Don’t expect them to change their vote though. I read a report last night that said even exit polling was off by 6%, a clear indication that 6% of those polled lied!


In an interview with Rachel Maddow, Senator Elizabeth Warren said lots that is wrong and misleading. The crown jewel of wrong headed-ness she said about the Trump protesters was: “People have a right to be heard.” This phrase is bounced about in our society a lot, but nobody seems to catch it, or unpack its meaning. The first amendment gives us the right to free speech. That is what people think they are hearing in this phrase. That’s not what she is saying. She is implying that if they have a “right to be heard,” we have an obligation to listen, and they have a right to make people listen!


During the conflict in Nevada at the Bundy ranch when the Bureau of Land Management was giving the Bundy’s and their friends trouble, They created “free speech zones.” They told the people protesting that they could protest all they wanted but only in the “free speech zones” that were two miles out in the middle of nowhere. The protesters were not in anyone’s way. They weren’t marching in the middle of a highway and stopping traffic. They weren’t burning the American flag, or setting private businesses on fire, or looting stores. Did anyone hear Senator Warren say that the Bundy supporters have a right to be heard? Clearly, the Bureau of Land Management knows that there is no right to be heard in the constitution, and I suspect so does Senator Elizabeth Warren. I believe the equal protection clause says that the Bundy protesters were treated differently under the law!


Scarborough said that the media created a false sense that Hillary had victory in the bag. I believe they tried hard to sully the public persona of Donald Trump so that people would be ashamed to vote for him. In fact, what they really accomplished was not to change anyone’s vote, they just made sure they would never tell a pollster that they intended to vote for Trump. That is why the main stream media polls never reflected a Trump victory. I’ve viewed videos of Trump speeches that were so heavily edited that a person could not arrive at his original meaning, because the context of it all was missing. Our media has become unbelievable. They did it to themselves.


Even now, almost a week after the election, CBS is reporting that Hillary WON the popular vote by 638,750 votes. Never mind that it is not true. The vote won’t be certified until mid December. As of today, there are still uncounted votes in a few states. According to the AP, updated this morning, Clinton has a 358,384 vote edge in the popular vote. This morning I ran a proportional estimate based on the percentage of precincts unreported. Based on that estimate, there may be as many as 800,000 votes yet to count. But, what do they hope to accomplish? Trump won the majority of states, and the majority of electoral college votes. Its over.


The protesters and rioters are estimated to have caused over a million dollars in damage. People have been beaten in the streets for being Trump voters. Given the videos and pictures of buses that are reported to have bused people to these protests, its difficult not to conclude that these are organized efforts to foment division and hatred. Who payed for the buses? Given that this has been going on since the day after the election, is it not reasonable to conclude that this was planned ahead?


Lack of words also mean things. Where is Hillary Clinton, or President Obama, or Bernie Sanders, or Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi, Or Loretta Lynch? In the face of the fact that Hillary took an electoral college shellacking, and the republicans held onto the senate and gained in the house, shouldn’t they step up and say stop?


It seems the democrat party has lost its way. They have used their words to divide, stir and hate their opponents. They are using their silence to turn their back on their own country! We used to be in this together! Trump could not have won without a fair amount of support from rebellious or disaffected democrats. There is a message in that that should be heard by the party. It doesn’t sound like they are in the listening mood. Words mean things.


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4 thoughts on “Words Mean Things!”

  1. “She is implying that if they have a “right to be heard,” we have an obligation to listen, and they have a right to make people listen!”

    I wouldn’t say that–you have to look at her words literally. So many times people are NOT heard because they are ignored by the media, after all. And Bundy supporters certainly WERE heard: their words were all over the news.

    Regarding “shy” Trump voters: it certainly does not appear as if there were many of them, from correlating Trump’s margins of victory/loss with political climate(s) geographically, for example. 538 has further breakdown.

    1. I did look at her words, and have concluded that the corollary to her statement is that for people to be heard, someone must be listening. Rights are to be enjoyed and observed by all. No, we do not have to listen. The protesters are being heard. The media is not ignoring their presence. However, it is largely ignoring the violence, which is an issue for me. I don’t trust the media anymore precisely for this reason. In regard to the Bundy supporters, their message was largely not heard in the media. Bloggers held the medias feet to the fire by reporting this. The free speech zones were reported by bloggers.

      If you consider a 5% margin of error plus exit polling being off by 6%, the numbers are near right on.

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