Where Did The Shining City On A Hill Go?

Beacon_HillWhen Ronald Reagan was running for president people felt like they would be part of the solution to our problems; like we the people could do our part in bringing America back. Now I feel like I can’t walk into the voting booth without becoming part of the problem. For me, it is a very powerless feeling. Where did the shining city on a hill go? What happened to us being a light to the world; another of his favorite analogies? There is an answer to this, so stay with me.

Our front running candidate has been caught red handed sharing classified information on an unsecured email server. When the congress subpoenaed copies of her emails, she cherry picked what she sent them and deleted over 30,000 emails, in defiance of the subpoena! She assures the voters that there is no evidence that her email was compromised while her campaign is blaming the Russians for hacking the emails she claims were never compromised. Her hacked emails show she was involved in the sale of stinger missiles to ISIS, as an attempt to topple the Assad regime of Syria. I recently read that at least one of those missiles was proven to bring down a U.S. helicopter in Afghanistan. Email from John Podesta, described by Peter Baker of the New York Times as Hillary’s “Right Hand With A Punch,’ shows Podesta writing about how illegal aliens could vote, and its benefit to Hillary, in an email never meant to be seen by the public.

On the other side we have a man who is too bullheaded to take advice from his own campaign experts. He won’t prepare for a debate in any substantive way. Using precious time in a debate to tell the public how big his plans are for our success shows he does not understand what Americans want to hear. He is not believable because he has been caught on film extolling the virtues of every side of every argument. He used equally slimy methods and lies to subdue his primary opponents as he now complains about Hillary using against him. There is a difference between seeing one’s success as being derived from providing a value at a reasonable price, and thinking your negotiating skills are so superior that the only possible outcome is that you got one over on your customers.

In short, we have two candidates that both think it is They that will make America great; that They possess what we need. If we listen closely we discover that their plan includes taking power over us to lead us where They think we need to go. Of course that would include putting our grandchildren in greater debt than the $54,000 per man, woman, and child debt that our deficit is now at.

I heard nothing from either candidate that even remotely sounded like we are the solution. I heard that we need them; that our problems are greater than us; that we should trust them to fix us and make us great or the compassionate nation we should be. I heard this from two who look down at Americans as those who can be easily manipulated with wild and crazy lies. I saw contempt for the truth, honesty, fairness, justice, and the rule of law.

Reagan was referring to the biblical story about not hiding our light under a basket. The light is the truth in this story. How will people find the truth if we hide it under a basket so it is unseen? I see two candidates who are doing their best to hide the truth. The truth helps us to orient ourselves. Those that speak transparency while living a concealed life, laugh in the voters faces.

If lying because it gets you what you want is ok to you, then I’m sure Hillary doesn’t raise the hair on your neck. If a little locker room talk once in a while doesn’t bother you then I’m sure Donald Trump doesn’t either. If we are truly ok with either of these two candidates then we are a feckless and shallow electorate, and soon the light under the basket will go out. The bible is very clear that having a conscience is a gift and if we don’t use it, it goes away. The answer to the question “Where Did The Shining City On A Hill Go?” is clear. The individuals that make up this country make up “the shining city on a hill.” Reagan’s appeal was right on. He appealed to individuals sense’ of goodness, honesty, decency, fairness, love, respect, etc. in a way that made us want to be all of these things and collectively we all walked a little taller. But now we have given the gift of these candidates to our grandchildren as a reflection of our values. These candidates cannot help us with the wicked hearts we used to select them. They are only a reflection of us. We are the problem. God help us!

9 thoughts on “Where Did The Shining City On A Hill Go?”

    1. Well, aren’t you a ray of sunshine! So what are you trying to say here: you disagree? Calling names tells me you aren’t capable of discussion, or reason. I’m guessing you’re a Hillarybot.

  1. I have no intention of voting for either of them. I fully intend writing in Ted Cruz as my choice. I just couldn’t in good conscience go in a voting booth and pull a lever for either of them.They are both despicable to me.

  2. It taken over Marxist democrat union government employee and federal judiciary thugs! Everyone talks of term limits for elected officials! When, it is intrenched government bureaucrat and jurist, whom are need term limits! They circle the wagons around each other in competence (aka the polluted river in Colorado by the EPA and/or criminality (aka the IRS targeting conservative groups because they do not like conservatives) No one ever gets fired or goes to jail! That is where shining city on the hill went!

  3. Excellent article and deadly accurate. As we see from some of the comments, there are those among us whose light isn’t under a basket. They blew it out to avoid seeing the truth that we are indeed the problem

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