The Speech Of His Lifetime

President Trump gave the speech of his lifetime last night. Many, including myself, underestimated him in all sorts of ways. I am reminded of the quote “When they take the low road, We take the high road.” President Trump, policy differences aside, took the high road. The partisan tension and resentment in the room was palpable. The American people took notice too. If the silent hatred does not stop, the American voters will throw a few more of the old sour pusses out in the mid-terms; Then where will the left be? Someone much smarter than I once said that we almost always are the real authors of our own demise.

To those who want to point out that his speech highlighted some fairly liberal policies, I say look at history. In election campaigns candidates, ethical or not, pivot left or right for the consumption of their audience. After 5 weeks of continual efforts, by the press, to bruise the president’s relationship with the people, the president calls a joint session of congress. This is a brilliant campaign strategy, but used by a man who has already won the campaign and can force congress and the press to be present so they can humiliate themselves with lack of maturity and self control right in front of middle America. I saw moderates on the left looking around trying to decide if it was all right to stand or clap. They are slaves to leadership.

He knew the lefts leadership would be controlled by their hate and that it would show. The lefts leadership put on their very best mean looks just for him. In fact, that’s what he wanted. They got played like a fiddle! This whole show was reaching out to the center/non-extreme segments of both parties, those who would be offended by divisiveness, in front of those who hate him and can’t hide it. The far lefts leadership forgot, never allow yourself to be defined by your enemy. The lefts leadership had a poker face on that says they got a terrible hand. There is a sweet irony in knowing that CNN helped pick the losing cards with a cheat; slipping the questions to Hillary Clinton so only she was prepared ahead of a debate with Bernie Sanders. They don’t seem to be able to extricate themselves from this spiraling partisan control dynamic long enough to do what’s right for America.

This speech was red meat for the center-left and center-right. Remember them? They are the people that we all seem to forget are the voters that determine elections. The far-left and far-right don’t win elections; its the middle who does; both middle-left and middle-right. They are not ideologues. They don’t care about any of our extremist views. Whoever they ally with will win the next election. His speech was designed to win their allegiance. Much to the chagrin of the far-left and far-right he knocked it out of the park.

Yes, this was the speech of his lifetime. President Trump sees that he can have a majority by uniting the center-left and center-right. Think about that for a minute; the far-left and far-right will never ally and work together because they both want control to the exclusion of the other. Both extreme wings are also incapable of allying with their centrist wings for the same reason. The extremists just got marginalized by their own hatred, and President Trump was only too happy to assist. For those leaders on the left who have been acting like climate experts, they sure seem incapable at adapting to climate change in Washington.

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