The Republican Politburo In Full Bloom

hostagesDuring the primaries Donald Trump was asked questions that were hard hitting. Those questions found their genesis in previous actions and statements he made. He was being asked to explain his behavior. It wasn’t treating him poorly to ask him to answer for having made disparaging remarks about Carly Fiorina’s looks. The list is long of the crazy utterances of Mr. Trump. But that is Mr. Trump. Last night the current commitment to fairness of the republican party was in view as the Republican Politburo went into full bloom.

During the primary Trump met those questions with the same types of answers he did to all of them. He whined about the “unfair” treatment he was getting from the press, and then he would utter some vagaries about how big he was going to win, or how great America was going to be under him. He raged about the system being rigged against him. He used these exchanges as a springboard to refocus the dialogue to the unfairness of the press. If we wanted to really see an unfair press, we have only to recall Candy Crowley correcting Mitt Romney in the middle of a debate with Barack Obama. Nevertheless, Trump utilized the unfair treatment mantra to his benefit, instead of answering for his behavior.

His commitment to the fair treatment of candidates by the press did not seem to appear whatsoever during the time of the primaries where he virtually had his own, free of charge, 1 hour call in show every morning on Fox and Friends, to the exclusion of all of his primary opponents. Now that’s the kind of fair he was hoping for, no doubt. Fox was not to be the only media donor to Mr. Trump. In fact, it was so grotesquely lopsided that it is estimated that Donald Trump got two and a half billion dollars ($2,500,000,000.00) worth of free air-time, again, to the exclusion of all other candidates.

On the subject of commitment to fairness, last night a questionable voice vote was made to approve questionable rules; a motion to reconsider was laid upon the table, and then a motion was made from the floor to do a roll call of the votes for the approval of the rules. Under Roberts Rules of Order, that motion, if properly made, must be dealt with. Instead, the chair did not call for a second, and put the motion to a vote. The chair clearly was getting instructions from the back room through a man standing next to him who kept speaking into a lapel mike as he was getting responses and would pass them onto the chair. Apparently, Reince Priebus is the OZ behind the curtain. The chair then said that the petition that was presented represented nine states, and that three were disqualified by withdrawal, and that fell below the requirement of seven states to call the roll. According to Senator Mike Lee from Utah, there were eleven states petitions actually presented. This is the new Republican Math; 11-3=6!

The rules that they were trying to pass without any scrutiny make an horrific change. Under these rules, the Republican National Committee can make changes to the convention rules, which were previously only able to be changed by the delegates on the rules committee to the convention. In effect, the majority of the rules committee delegates voted to give all their power to the national committee. That is the stuff that the Soviet Politburo was made of.

The tactics at this convention are being compared to the brown-shirts of Hitler and the Soviet Politburo. This is clearly a Trump Convention, not a Republican Convention. Who is expecting more from a man who, out of one side of his mouth criticizes Hillary for being above the law, and out of the other side of his mouth orders the rules lowered to align with his lack of trust of democracy. A larger question is whether Trump did this to the Republican National Committee or was the Republican National Committee this corrupt before Trump? If they were this corrupt before Trump, the next question is who are they working for? The Republican Politburo is in full bloom. The takeover is almost complete. Remember, When Donald Trump says that America will be great again under him, the key words are, apparently, “under him!”

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    1. No, I am not a Hillary supporter. I’d just as soon saw my own arm off than support her. I am diametrically opposed to almost everything she believes.

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