Your Circumstances Don’t Make You Special Day

Photography by Kevin Schoen

by Kevin Schoen

Published 3/8/2017

Your circumstances don’t make you special today or any day. We all have experienced some set back in life. Try being a short fat man looking for a job in a big and tall shop. You think you are discriminated against? To add to the confusion, last year a man was woman of the year! This is an effort of the perpetually offended to get everyone all divided up nicely. To what end? So we are all nicely sliced and diced; division takes our power as a people.

Let us do a short count of the ill-affected. There are women, men that wish they were women, women who wish they were men, bald women, bald men, fat women, fat men, skinny women, skinny men, short people, tall people, the blind, the deaf, red heads, lefties, people born with deformation, hemophiliacs, albinos, those with lung disease, heart disease, those born with mental health issues, those who can have babies; those who can’t. These are just some of the struggles. Lets divide again here. Within all of these groups of people are ones who are racially different somehow. Within even those groups there are divisions based on the level of darkness of skin; see cast system in India.

Within each of these groups of people who think they have it too hard, there are infinite sub-groups. To the man who was born missing both legs and arms, the guy who was born missing his hand looks lucky. To the skinny woman who looks anorexic and cannot eat enough to satisfy her metabolism the fat woman looks luxurious. To the fat woman who starves herself to no avail, the skinny one seems lucky.

Are we all so in need of attention that we get sucked into these special days for each group. How about we have a special holiday for all groups where everyone can skip work? Will that satisfy us all? I doubt it. If we all could see how alike we all are we would be happy being in our own skin and our own lives. These days are not designed to celebrate diversity. They are designed to divide us. They are designed to make us feel more put upon than our counter group.

Has anyone ever noticed that the leftist leadership today never celebrates diversity, or even speaks of it anymore, except to try to claim inclusion of these diverse groups so people will vote in their block. They’ve spent the last several decades extolling the diverse appearance of their party. Curiously absent is diversity of opinion. They behave like a cheating husband trying to demonstrate his loyalty. No it wasn’t them that fought to keep slavery legal or fought against the civil rights act, or was it? They just ply their bride with trinkets like social spending and days of recognition.

No, your circumstances don’t make you special today or any day. We are not who we are because of our circumstances. We are who we are despite our circumstances. In fact, it can be argued that we are honed to a higher greatness by adversity. We should distrust those who use pity to divide us from each other. I am created with the circumstances my creator knew would hone me into a superior version of my former self. I am not to be pitied. We are not to be pitied. We are to be admired for our victories over adversity. Only a person who has adapted to overcome adversity can recognize the greatness in another for the same reason. A nation of great people does not give up their greatness for mere pity!

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