Socialism and Taking One For The Team

stalinValues Clarification” is one of the names of a curriculum that has been taught in American middle and high schools since the 1970’s. I believe it is an effort to condition children to accept socialism and moral relativism. It is cleverly disguised as a social studies strategy. Who said the “Department of Education” was outside the reach of politics? Are they teaching “taking one for the team?”

The most famous values clarification exercise was widely known as the “life boat” exercise. The class has a discussion where there is a life boat full of people from various walks of life. There is always one more person than the boat can hold. As a group, their job is to figure out who is of real value to the group and who is of little value. This exercise was used in the middle school my oldest kids went to. The outcome is predictable; someone always has to die, and the kids make the decision about who. They refer to this as teaching “decision making skills!” Really; who could throw out a sweet little old lady?

They are learning to determine, by democratic means, who is not worthy to live. They form a consensus on what makes someone a value to their society. Nobody in the class is allowed to sacrifice themselves, because they aren’t on the boat. This is not actually an exercise in exploring what a student’s personal values are. For that to happen, the kids would have to be on the boat, defending their existence, facing being disposed of by their peers. No, this is an exercise in teaching students to accept the determinations of the group, before the determinations of the self.

Our founding fathers, by their writings, envisioned a new world where society was a loosely knit group of individual people all pursuing their own individual self interests, while government kept foreign invaders at bay. Our founders envisioned a world where the voluntary acts of its citizens, and its greatness was built on the individual, not the collective.

The byproduct of curriculum like values clarification is large groups of people who no longer believe in individual responsibility or sacrifice. Read the news if you doubt. In case a student has a strong set of values from their parents, it utilizes peer pressure to encourages them to abandon those values, in exchange for the values of the group. Not so transparently, this exercise is taught at an age when the children are most susceptible to peer pressure. In short, it prepares them to accept socialism. Sounding familiar?

Socialist societies forget that motivation for sacrifice and industry spring from a persons sense of self, not their sense of belonging to a group, because the building blocks of every society is a bunch of “selfs” (individuals). The current state of the Venezuelan economy demonstrates what happens to individual effort when the state elevates the collective above the individual; productivity dies. America has been indoctrinating it’s children for decades in the fallacies of socialism.

Socialism, appeals to peoples desire to be caught by the “safety net”, to be dependents, but in its end game, socialism keeps no dependents. Few words work as effectively at obliterating a persons sense of reason more powerfully than the word “FREE.” History shows that those who were attracted most to the socialist offer of a “FREE chicken in every pot,” and worked hard to realize this grand scheme, in reality are the first to be thrown out of the life boat because they fail to understand that their role in the collective is to be the producers of those chickens. Fathom that: socialism turns out to be giving one for the team instead of taking one for the team!

Seven million Ukrainians were killed, starved to death, working the richest soil on the planet during the Bolshevik take over of Russia. It was a crime against the state (collective) to grow vegetables for your family even out in the forest because it is “the peoples” earth and, by extension, the peoples vegetables. Many became thieves this way. Those caught paid dearly. When being sold, socialism plays to peoples individual needs and wants. But pursuing ones own individual self interest was a crime. It’s kind of funny how that works. Values Clarification and Socialism both share the stated goal of “making the best decisions for everyone.” Remember, there is a big difference between everyone and every one.

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