Late Breaking – Judge Refuses To Order Hand Recount In Wisconsin

looking_for_hanging_chad_2000_presidential_electionI was just informed that Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn who was hearing the lawsuit to force a hand recount of the Wisconsin presidential race ballots did not agree to order a hand recount. Wisconsin state law requires that the requester of the recount has to show “clear and convincing” evidence” that using machines will produce incorrect totals…. The judge said she felt that the Stein and Clinton campaigns failed to show that. This means the recount will be done with tabulators, unless a county clerk agrees to count their own county by hand. In essence it is voluntary.


Initially, it seemed strange that Ms. Stein would want a recount in any state since her campaign has to pay for them. She, as a candidate, stood to gain nothing from requesting a recount. was soliciting contributions from donors to help pay for the three state recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.


Miraculously, all three states together had enough electoral votes to flip the results of the election. Curious how that worked out. It all was making Ms. Stein look like a Clinton surrogate since she could not really benefit from this recount. As of today, the Clinton campaign has joined Ms. Stein in her request.


Initially, Ms. Stein was saying that there was a concern that the machine tabulators may have been hacked. Well, she apparently was advised poorly because here in Wisconsin the machines are not connected to the internet. They are stand alone machines and would require an army of felons distributed to every location because, if they can be hacked, it must be in person. Don’t get me wrong, voter fraud happens in Wisconsin every year. There are at least a handful of people charged each year for casting multiple votes. In comparison, Wisconsin has a squeaky clean system to some of our neighbor states though.


George Martin, who sits on the Green Party’s coordinating committee, said Stein was seeking the recount because of concerns about differences between the votes and exit polls, as well as worries that there could have been tampering with voting machines.

“I want to be clear, there is no smoking gun,” Martin said during a news conference at Milwaukee’s City Hall. “There’s not something we’re pointing (at) to say that ‘this is wrong in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.’ What we are saying is there is enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated.”


If Wisconsin’s machine recount goes as I suspect it will, it will eliminate Wisconsin from the list of three states, thereby eliminating the chance for a change in election results for the country. In Michigan, the entire state uses paper ballots. How do you hack that?


This looks like a fishing expedition. I’m pretty sure they expected the judge to rule in their favor. We will never know now, but I was preparing myself for another episode of the “Hanging Chad Chronicles.”

3 thoughts on “Late Breaking – Judge Refuses To Order Hand Recount In Wisconsin”

  1. Oh, Dear! Looks like the Democrats have had their heads handed to them AGAIN for their stupidity and thinking the “people” of America are as ignorant to believe their lies.

  2. I was thinking the very same thing , the Al Gote hanging Chad events, where an attempt was made at the highest level to steal the election just as is being done here today, and we already know how willing he OBAMA administration would be to go along and say their own group of highly trustworthy (puke) as we know that doesn’t exists.

  3. Looks like disruption with a chance of messing up election results was their real goal…in absence of any serious indication…of fraud.

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