Is The Devil In The Details?


Red Domed Capital_edited-1for fbI’ve heard it said that we are better off with the devil we know than the devil we don’t. Of course, I’m thinking in terms of the presidential race. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a crystal clear record of being on both sides of so many issues that I’ve lost track. Because of the volumes of videos on the internet showing them both taking both sides of almost every issue, to those who have taken the time to view these videos, it’s clear that all we know about them is that we don’t really know them at all. By virtue of the shear volume of air time given to each, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are much better known than the others running. The mainstream media have largely ignored all others. In a world where technology is so advanced that we can whiz a video of an event around the world seconds after it happens, one can only conclude that our media is limiting our choices by limiting the amount of coverage we get of all the other candidates.

Are we really better off with who we know best when our media is trying to control who we know best? Another pertinent question is, do we really want to know them? Lets not forget that we live in a divorce filled world where the common complaint after divorce is, “I thought I knew her well” (or him). We all seem to see what we want to see.

I stopped yesterday for a cold pop at a local restaurant. It was sweltering hot out and a perfect time to duck in out of the heat. I was discussing politics with a woman when it became clear to me that she was not happy with her choices. She said she couldn’t vote for any of the third party candidates since they couldn’t win. She said that she couldn’t vote for Donald Trump either, but also thinks that Hillary is a crook. The next thing out of her mouth just stunned me. She said, “Well, maybe she will “crook” for us! It could be to our benefit.”

I tried wrapping my head around that comment, to no avail. This woman is not an isolated case. If you just want someone to steal for you, I can’t help you. Talk to your parents because they failed you miserably. If you feel like a captive because you can’t fathom voting for someone who not is polling ahead, then go get some counseling. Sometimes those who feel like a loser vote for those who are ahead so they can vicariously become a winner. That can be fixed.

There are a whole host of candidates from other parties out there. None of them have a chance of winning if all of us think only two people are running. Winning is not everything. I need to be able to look the guy in the mirror right in the eyes and like him. That means I need to vote my conscience.

America is an heirloom passed onto us by our ancestors. Do we want someone to take a remodeler’s saw to our constitution before we pass it on to our kids and grand kids? When Mrs. Powell asked Benjamin Franklin, “What have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” He said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Is the devil in the details? It sure seems so. Maybe this year the devil will be working the voting booths!

We are being spoon fed the very poison that will lead to the demise of our kids and grand kids. It’s time to rise from our stupor! Caring is a lot of hard work. Lets care enough to break a sweat and get to know all of the candidates. Lets not be afraid to vote for candidates just because they haven’t polled well yet. For the Uber idealists out there; there is no perfect candidate. Find the one that most closely represents you and vote. Then go wake up your family and friends and get them to vote too. Share this blog!

7 thoughts on “Is The Devil In The Details?”

  1. Voting for Trump is like taking the red poison pill. Voting for Clinton is the blue poison pill. Which do I chose. I chose neither. Senator Ted Cruz was our hope to change the course our country has been on for decades. It didn’t start with Obama, but it sure took a turn for the worse under his lawless E.O. submitting administration. As far as 3rd party candidates winning, it has never been a better case for that now. We need an intervention. One with capable leaders guiding this ship out of the fog America has immersed itself in. The one man running that could do that now, in my humble opinion, is Mr. Tom Hoefling. I am supporting him because he , out of the several 3rd party candidates, fit my personnel ideas and beliefs. His goal is to divide the Electoral votes, and denying Trump or Clinton the required number and send the election into the Hose to be decided there. He has a chance if we get behind him. We NEED that intervention, and we need it now.


  3. My response to that lady you talk to regarding “politics”.

    …. So you want Hillary’s plan to go through?… You don’t want to FIGHT her?….

    The only way to fight her is by bringing Trump’s poll numbers UP!!!..

    Her plan is for his numbers to never reach her! After he won the Republican Nominee…
    Vote For The REPUBLIC!!!!

    Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, Darryl Glenn, etc… We have courageous individuals fighting a great fight!;) I’m for the Republic. I stand with them! With prayer!;)…. I’m no coward!

    In other words I will not let them stranded while they fight for our freedoms.


  4. We have not had coverage of any alternative candidates, I don’t even know their names. This is truly wrong and as you say manipulated by the media, so the status quo I’d maintained and billionaires can keep o n controlling everything,especially the media, is this freedom?

  5. You have to look at them as just the figurehead and consider the party approved administration they will bring in and those on Capitol Hill they will be working with, it goes way beyond Hillary’s questionable loyalty when it comes to China, you have to look at the bare naked propaganda spewed by the self acclaimed “news media” these days. Trump is far from ideal, but he may prove to be like Reagan and surprise us all. Certainly, he is no less prepared or no more unstable than what we have now, he has never been confused about where he was born, and he doesn’t have the body count that Hillary does. More importantly, he is not talking WW3 with Russia, and more times than not, a democrat president has left us on the brink with the USSR/Russia.

  6. Good article. I will vote for Donald Trump because he loves America and he will do all he can to make America great again! He was not my first or second choice however I believe he is now the best choice.

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