Is Changing The Rules Unfair?


Is changing the rules unfair? I learned long ago that disappointment is the child of unmet expectations. Know these facts and you won’t be disappointed!

Delegates to the national convention are elected at states conventions by party members. Senator Cruz spent big effort getting his supporters elected as state delegates; Trump; not so much.

National convention rules governing delegates and all aspects of the convention are always subject to changes by the convention rules committee. Rules won’t change if the rules committee does not propose change, and if they do, then rules cannot change unless 1237, or a majority of the duly elected national delegates, vote to approve any change.

A pledged delegate is someone who ran and was elected at the state convention and signed an affidavit or pledge to support the winner of the caucus or primary in their district. It is a pledge to the state they reside in. The problem with this is that our constitution guarantees its citizens to be free to vote their conscience, so signing this pledge is considered by many to be coercion.

Curly Haugland, a North Dakota Republican Party member, a former North Dakota state party chairman, a member of the RNC rules committee, a delegate to the national convention, and a member of the 2016 national convention rules committee, stated that the RNC rules do not require a delegate to be bound to any candidate. He further said that the convention rules and the RNC rules have been tested in court all the way up to the supreme court. The result is that the states rules lack the power to enforce any binding their state rules might wish.

…so long as the 2016 Republican National Convention adopts as standing rules for the

convention what are now the temporary rules, or at least does not substantially

change Rule 37 (b) and Rule 38, then the freedom of delegates to

vote their conscience will be preserved. “

Curly Haugland – Unbound©

Link To A FREE pdf copy of Unbound© can be found on the following site.

 Is changing the rules at the national convention unfair? No; it happens often. That’s why there is a convention rules committee. Last cycles standing rules become this years temporary rules. This years temporary rules, can be changed or not, and however ratified, become the new standing rules. What Donald Trump is wanting, though he says the opposite, is the convention rules committee to change the rules to force delegates to be bound to state primary results. For a man who panders to the angry that “They want to change the rules on us,” his hope is that the rules do get changed, to include binding delegates to their pledge. He and the media have worked hard to convince the people that this binding rule already exists. His Obi-wan “these are not the droids you are looking for” mojo, appears to be out of gas.

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