Get A Grip!

By Grombo - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By Grombo – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

An open letter to “Never Trump’ers,” “Never Hillary’ers,” “Never Obama’ers,” All the “Not my president people,” “CHINO’s” (Christian in name only), and anyone else that needs to get a grip:


Just like shooting at the pilot of your own plane threatens your self and your fellow passengers, so also does your constant attempts at weakening President-Elect Trump. Yes you look fat dressed in your new found piety. I am not talking about legitimate critique here. But wouldn’t you think critique would happen sometime after a man is sworn in and has done an official act in his new position? Oxford says to critique means examining in a detailed and analytical way. Lets be clear here; I hate Trump is not critique.

He has not even taken the oath of office and some of you are certain that nothing good could possibly come from him. While I worked my butt off for Senator Ted Cruz, he was not nominated. I am not a Donald Trump supporter but he was elected. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, and hope he doesn’t disappoint me.

Two elements of mental health are (1) the ability to tolerate ambiguity and ambivalence and (2) the ability to assimilate new information or adapt one’s worldview to new information.” – Cynthia Johnson

I am frightened when I see such a huge swath of the electorate completely unable or unwilling to adjust to present day reality. I am equally frightened by Christians who are going around reporting that God chose Trump as our President. Can you all please take a deep breath? God gave us free will and we collectively chose him. Yes, even those who did not vote for him; because that’s what collectively means.

I suppose that if Mr. Trump turns out to be a lousy president, you “God chose him people” will still be able to be right because God gave Trump free will and you’ll say he chose to mess up. Pretty convenient until you recognize that you had the same free will as he does when you chose to vote for him! I’m amazed at the mental acrobatics we will go through to feel right!

To those that unfriend people because you can’t agree on politics; the system of inbreeding that gave England Prince Charles who is known for his greatest talent, posing for photos, is the same system of inbred thought that will ultimately make you so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good. When Jesus said to be the salt of the world, he was telling us to be noticed; to contend. We are a component, not the whole meal. Isolating yourselves IS losing your savor. Think this through a little. Our system of government only works by uniting those able to compromise. In a representative republic, you will not ever win if you cannot unify with others, and form a coalition. Look at the weeping media, they heard only what they agreed with, and roundly criticized the “fools” who disagreed with them. They would not compromise. They are revealed now as fools, and ineffective at that! Remember the Democrats that left town so they didn’t have to vote up or down on Wisconsin’s Act 10, during the union protests? They totally lost because they refused to be part of the government. It was political suicide!



I recently read a political comment by a person calling herself a Christian. She said she deleted all of her friends and her family so as to not butt heads. She went on to say that now she can say what she feels. My first thought was that she fenced herself in with all the fools, and fenced out all those who needed reaching. What happened to contending for the faith? Some of these Christians use the name “Trumpanzees,” as if to reveal that Trump supporters are a lower form of life, and, of course, inferring they themselves are a higher form of life. As I read it, God did not put us in the world so that we could take ourselves out. Those that have been referring to the “Hillary didn’t win” protesters as “snow flakes,” you are the ones who look fragile! “Out of the mouth flows the abundance of the heart.”

From reading the posts and comments of many, I could conclude that many are not friends of “facing your accuser” or being “innocent until proven guilty.” Please decide now if you really like free speech, and maybe act like it! Trump is going to be our president whether you like it or not. I do believe that the presidency changes the occupant. I sure hope it does. In the mean time, LET’S JUST ALL GET A GRIP!


4 thoughts on “Get A Grip!”

  1. Good perspective as always, Kevin. But I am not completely clear where you stand on legitimate (i.e. detailed/analytical) critiques of Trump during the transition. Are you saying that no matter what he does, however objectionable, we should keep our mouths shut till he’s actually president? Or are you limiting your criticism to the hateful, unreasoned bile?

    1. I think critique is ok anytime, but one risks being seen as a sour grapes loser if you can’t let the guy take the oath. I am not a Trump supporter. I do not actually like his methods. I refer to the primary. His campaign did Cruz wrong on so many levels. Having said that. I will let him take the oath before I join the pile on. I am mostly referring to those who refuse to accept that he won. I included the quote from Cynthia Johnson to show there may be a mental health aspect to the groans we are hearing. It is all getting a bit much for me and those I speak with. Thanks for reading my post!

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