Did Racism, Intolerance, And Hatred Elect Donald Trump?

laughing_donkey-cropDid Racism, intolerance, and hatred elect Donald Trump? I suppose your answer depends on which hymnal you’re singing out of. If you are a liberal, black, or gay, or all of the above, and you are listening to the democrat leadership and the mainstream media, you may be afraid that’s how he won. If you disagree with the racial dividers, the intolerant intolerance crowd, or the monolithic thinking diversity crowd, or the disagreeing with policy makes you a racist bigot crowd, then you probably just had all you could handle and realized it was time to vote and support whoever had a chance to win against the Empress of Entitlement, Hillary Clinton.


Seriously, even in Madison, yes Madison, Wisconsin, white liberals were openly lamenting the notion of 4 or 8 more years of racial polarizers at the top. This is not an indication that these people are racists. The majority of the country are white people that had nothing to do with slavery, and practice inclusion daily. When these people are fed up and decide not to show up for the election, or vote for the opposing party, you know their party has gone off the tracks. Ronald Reagan said it best when he said the democrat party left him.


America remembered the promises made to them, of the most transparent administration in history; of a unified country with hope for the future through thoughtful change; of finally being respected by the rest of the world; of being able to keep your doctors if you like them; of the average family saving $2,500.00 a year on their health insurance; of promising those earning under $250,000.00 no tax increases; of the promise to not ad one dime to the deficit. The list is immense.


America remembered the images of pallets of cash being offloaded in Iran. America remembered the President arranging for money to be sent to Israel to fund the opposition to a respected sitting Prime Minister. America remembers a president who said on an open mic to a Russian diplomat to tell Vladimir I can be more flexible after the election, implying he’s keeping something from the American public. America remembers President Obama bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia. The list goes on.


America remembered Benghazi and how Hillary would not send help to our people despite constant pleas for military assistance, and the images of Christopher Stevens being cattle prodded in the genitals as he was laying in the street bloody, surrounded by his attackers. Americans still remember the names of the dead Americans. She told of this attack being caused by some obscure videographer who maligned the name of Mohammad in his video, ever vilifying the “intolerant crowd.” Political maneuvering juxtaposed against rescuing Americans being attacked; Hillary choosing the political lie casts her as a heartless criminal. Who can forget?

Who can forget the 33,000 emails she destroyed that she was under subpoena to produce? Who can forget the Clinton Foundation, and the pay for play scam that never really got investigated? Who can forget that the states with the most stringent gun laws are controlled by democrats and have the very highest gun violence rates? It is not lost on Americans that Hillary stated her intentions to change the second amendment.


When Donald Trump said to Blacks, “what have you got to lose,” they showed they are willing to listen. They have suffered at the hands of the democrat party. Now that he won, the democrats went right back to the exact same play book: Meanwhile,Harry Reid is spouting off that Trump scares people and they have a right to not live in fear! Where in the constitution does he find that right spelled out? In 1964 when Lyndon Johnson said “We’ll have those n…ers voting democrat for the next 200 years,” he may have overestimated the power of the democrat party. The Black Conservative movement is resilient and growing. For the black vote that Donald Trump didn’t get, those interested in opportunity instead of entitlement is growing.


So, Donald Trump was not elected by racism, intolerance, and hatred. Donald Trump was elected by people who are sick of the racial dividers, calculators, and liars in Washington and across our country. He isn’t the result of racism, intolerance or hatred. He is the victim of it. He is a symptom of people sick of the hatefulness in our society. He is by most’s assessment, a very flawed candidate. Nevertheless, they chose to take a chance on him before they would allow the democrats to be in charge again. He is to many, a breath of fresh air because he echos the disgust of the majority.


The fact is, Donald Trump won because he was supported by democrats, republicans, and libertarians. He is a demonstration that the American people are done waiting to be heard.

9 thoughts on “Did Racism, Intolerance, And Hatred Elect Donald Trump?”

  1. Even the most deluded left leaning fantasizes should be able to comprehend this.
    Thank you for clarifying what the majority of Americans already knew.

      1. He won the majority of states. I’m not going to debate who won. The constitution is a pretty clear document, and it explains how this won thing works in this country. You’ll feel better if you just accept it.

  2. The Clinton’s list of incredible, often secrete atrocious behaviors, will condemn them too hell, no doubt. But for me Hilly’s, “What difference does it make?” thrown away Ambassador and security staff in Benghazi comment is the defining heart of both she and her husband, far as I can figure out. I have long since forgiven that soulless woman, but as a veteran, who knows the price of signing ones life over for their country and especially those who govern it, I will never forget.

  3. In a sense, racism, intolerance, and hatred did, in fact, elect Donald Trump. Neither Donald Trump nor his supporters are racist, intolerant or hateful. It was the racism, intolerance, and hatred of the leftists and their sycophants in the legacy media that disgusted enough of the American people to elect Donald Trump.

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