Did Racism, Intolerance, And Hatred Elect Donald Trump?

laughing_donkey-cropDid Racism, intolerance, and hatred elect Donald Trump? I suppose your answer depends on which hymnal you’re singing out of. If you are a liberal, black, or gay, or all of the above, and you are listening to the democrat leadership and the mainstream media, you may be afraid that’s how he won. If you disagree with the racial dividers, the intolerant intolerance crowd, or the monolithic thinking diversity crowd, or the disagreeing with policy makes you a racist bigot crowd, then you probably just had all you could handle and realized it was time to vote and support whoever had a chance to win against the Empress of Entitlement, Hillary Clinton.


Seriously, even in Madison, yes Madison, Wisconsin, white liberals were openly lamenting the notion of 4 or 8 more years of racial polarizers at the top. This is not an indication that these people are racists. The majority of the country are white people that had nothing to do with slavery, and practice inclusion daily. When these people are fed up and decide not to show up for the election, or vote for the opposing party, you know their party has gone off the tracks. Ronald Reagan said it best when he said the democrat party left him.


America remembered the promises made to them, of the most transparent administration in history; of a unified country with hope for the future through thoughtful change; of finally being respected by the rest of the world; of being able to keep your doctors if you like them; of the average family saving $2,500.00 a year on their health insurance; of promising those earning under $250,000.00 no tax increases; of the promise to not ad one dime to the deficit. The list is immense.


America remembered the images of pallets of cash being offloaded in Iran. America remembered the President arranging for money to be sent to Israel to fund the opposition to a respected sitting Prime Minister. America remembers a president who said on an open mic to a Russian diplomat to tell Vladimir I can be more flexible after the election, implying he’s keeping something from the American public. America remembers President Obama bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia. The list goes on.


America remembered Benghazi and how Hillary would not send help to our people despite constant pleas for military assistance, and the images of Christopher Stevens being cattle prodded in the genitals as he was laying in the street bloody, surrounded by his attackers. Americans still remember the names of the dead Americans. She told of this attack being caused by some obscure videographer who maligned the name of Mohammad in his video, ever vilifying the “intolerant crowd.” Political maneuvering juxtaposed against rescuing Americans being attacked; Hillary choosing the political lie casts her as a heartless criminal. Who can forget?

Who can forget the 33,000 emails she destroyed that she was under subpoena to produce? Who can forget the Clinton Foundation, and the pay for play scam that never really got investigated? Who can forget that the states with the most stringent gun laws are controlled by democrats and have the very highest gun violence rates? It is not lost on Americans that Hillary stated her intentions to change the second amendment.


When Donald Trump said to Blacks, “what have you got to lose,” they showed they are willing to listen. They have suffered at the hands of the democrat party. Now that he won, the democrats went right back to the exact same play book: Meanwhile,Harry Reid is spouting off that Trump scares people and they have a right to not live in fear! Where in the constitution does he find that right spelled out? In 1964 when Lyndon Johnson said “We’ll have those n…ers voting democrat for the next 200 years,” he may have overestimated the power of the democrat party. The Black Conservative movement is resilient and growing. For the black vote that Donald Trump didn’t get, those interested in opportunity instead of entitlement is growing.


So, Donald Trump was not elected by racism, intolerance, and hatred. Donald Trump was elected by people who are sick of the racial dividers, calculators, and liars in Washington and across our country. He isn’t the result of racism, intolerance or hatred. He is the victim of it. He is a symptom of people sick of the hatefulness in our society. He is by most’s assessment, a very flawed candidate. Nevertheless, they chose to take a chance on him before they would allow the democrats to be in charge again. He is to many, a breath of fresh air because he echos the disgust of the majority.


The fact is, Donald Trump won because he was supported by democrats, republicans, and libertarians. He is a demonstration that the American people are done waiting to be heard.

Reflecting on Reflecting

 by Kevin Schoen
When I think of a thought
I think I aught
Consider how I came up with that thought.
Seems funny to think
How my thinking is fraught
With just how my thinker
Came up with that thought.
Photo By Tim Schapker (Reflection from Cloud Gate) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


I needed to lighten up some today. 🙂

Words Mean Things!

By Michael Melgar – english wikipedia., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1789506

Words mean things! Joe Scarborough was lamenting that the media, including the New York Times, ridiculed those that dared speak about their support for Donald Trump. He postulates that in doing so, they moved from being reporters of news to creators of news. While very arrogant, it appears the media thought that nobody that was sane or who mattered could possibly disagree with them. When the media interacts with the people they are supposed to be observing and reporting on, they hope to affect the outcome of their observation. I believe they did it with intent, but misjudged the power of their influence; They intended to influence what could be, instead of being reporters of what is. Expect people to lie about whether they support Trump if you just called Trump supporters idiots. Don’t expect them to change their vote though. I read a report last night that said even exit polling was off by 6%, a clear indication that 6% of those polled lied!


In an interview with Rachel Maddow, Senator Elizabeth Warren said lots that is wrong and misleading. The crown jewel of wrong headed-ness she said about the Trump protesters was: “People have a right to be heard.” This phrase is bounced about in our society a lot, but nobody seems to catch it, or unpack its meaning. The first amendment gives us the right to free speech. That is what people think they are hearing in this phrase. That’s not what she is saying. She is implying that if they have a “right to be heard,” we have an obligation to listen, and they have a right to make people listen!


During the conflict in Nevada at the Bundy ranch when the Bureau of Land Management was giving the Bundy’s and their friends trouble, They created “free speech zones.” They told the people protesting that they could protest all they wanted but only in the “free speech zones” that were two miles out in the middle of nowhere. The protesters were not in anyone’s way. They weren’t marching in the middle of a highway and stopping traffic. They weren’t burning the American flag, or setting private businesses on fire, or looting stores. Did anyone hear Senator Warren say that the Bundy supporters have a right to be heard? Clearly, the Bureau of Land Management knows that there is no right to be heard in the constitution, and I suspect so does Senator Elizabeth Warren. I believe the equal protection clause says that the Bundy protesters were treated differently under the law!


Scarborough said that the media created a false sense that Hillary had victory in the bag. I believe they tried hard to sully the public persona of Donald Trump so that people would be ashamed to vote for him. In fact, what they really accomplished was not to change anyone’s vote, they just made sure they would never tell a pollster that they intended to vote for Trump. That is why the main stream media polls never reflected a Trump victory. I’ve viewed videos of Trump speeches that were so heavily edited that a person could not arrive at his original meaning, because the context of it all was missing. Our media has become unbelievable. They did it to themselves.


Even now, almost a week after the election, CBS is reporting that Hillary WON the popular vote by 638,750 votes. Never mind that it is not true. The vote won’t be certified until mid December. As of today, there are still uncounted votes in a few states. According to the AP, updated this morning, Clinton has a 358,384 vote edge in the popular vote. This morning I ran a proportional estimate based on the percentage of precincts unreported. Based on that estimate, there may be as many as 800,000 votes yet to count. But, what do they hope to accomplish? Trump won the majority of states, and the majority of electoral college votes. Its over.


The protesters and rioters are estimated to have caused over a million dollars in damage. People have been beaten in the streets for being Trump voters. Given the videos and pictures of buses that are reported to have bused people to these protests, its difficult not to conclude that these are organized efforts to foment division and hatred. Who payed for the buses? Given that this has been going on since the day after the election, is it not reasonable to conclude that this was planned ahead?


Lack of words also mean things. Where is Hillary Clinton, or President Obama, or Bernie Sanders, or Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi, Or Loretta Lynch? In the face of the fact that Hillary took an electoral college shellacking, and the republicans held onto the senate and gained in the house, shouldn’t they step up and say stop?


It seems the democrat party has lost its way. They have used their words to divide, stir and hate their opponents. They are using their silence to turn their back on their own country! We used to be in this together! Trump could not have won without a fair amount of support from rebellious or disaffected democrats. There is a message in that that should be heard by the party. It doesn’t sound like they are in the listening mood. Words mean things.


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Check out Jason Sanders blog below. He makes great points.

Be Careful How You Use The Word Uneducated

No Man Is An Island

cropped-Isabel-fishing-1.jpgAmerican voters have sunken to a new low. They seem to eat whatever they’re fed with no ability to discern or discriminate good from bad or fact from fiction. They’ve become the victims of propaganda sites run by both parties and both candidates who have been working in overdrive trying to sully each others chances of success. There was a day when the quality of candidates was exponentially higher than now. Well, no man is an island, just as John Donne said in 1624. Sadly, there are many who believe ill-gotten gain is still gain. Our willingness to believe and propagate the drivel out there today damages our credibility, and demonstrates our desire to spread what we want to be true, over what we know to be true. Before you know it we are all just about winning, instead of winning with ethical values and ideas. Hey, lets talk about voting our conscience.


*No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.
John Donne, Meditation XVII
English clergyman & poet (1572 – 1631)

When voting for Hitler, the German people were making a statement of conscience. Of course, they had no idea that he would eventually kill over 7 million Jewish people. Jews controlled lots of money and jobs and Hitler told the people that they had a right to that money, and that the Jews were just rich swindlers! Their conscience seemed to say it was permissible to take this money from the Jews/rich people. I’m sure they thought of it as repatriating their own money to themselves. He promised to make a great world for them. That’s where it was to stop. All they had to do was vote for him and he would make it right. After the war, the German people’s shame was overwhelming because they freely elected Hitler! Hitler was not the problem, he was a symptom of the German people’s envy. I wonder if their shame would have been so overwhelming if Hitler had won the war? Conscience is a reflection of peoples personal morals and ethics.


I personally get most people’s angst. I understand democrats who can’t stand to see people suffer from lack, and want to do something for them. I understand republicans who think that people should not be comfortable in poverty because that discomfort is motivation to fight on to success. I understand Never Trumpers who cannot abide the false propaganda about Senator Cruz having affairs, that Donald Trump used to take Cruz down in the primary. I understand those who support Donald Trump because he says things that sound like he is as fed up with Washington as most of us are. I personally understand the Cruz only people, who felt he was the only one smart enough to do the job. I even understand those that will vote for Hillary because of her sex. I believe that the answers won’t be found in any one of these single positions, yet we use these to divide ourselves.


What I don’t get is how we have become this divided. I have been unfriended by long time friends who I’ve known for over 40 years. I am a blogger. I write about politics. Perhaps I should start a recipe blog so I don’t offend anyone. I happened to be writing about the email scandal haunting Hillary yesterday when a “friend” decided it was time to part with me because I wasn’t conservative enough, and she thought I was a “deplorable Trump supporter.” This was all predicated on the content of my writing. I must have become deplorable for stating negative facts and opinions about Hillary. I guess I’m judged on whether my writing is not negative enough about Trump! I told her that I did not need her pressure to vote according to her conscience, and that if she couldn’t refrain from that she should just go away. What have we done to ourselves? Conservatives have chided the democrats for talking tolerance but being unable to produce it. We should stop chiding the democrats. We are pathetic at tolerance ourselves; just look around.

You may think you don’t need anyone, but no man is an island. If you think we don’t need each other, you are delusional. When slavery was legal in the south, potential underground railroad “passengers” did not go to the assigned location to meet up and refuse to “board” because there was a Trump sign in the front yard. Whether you voted Trump or for a third party candidate, now we really need each other, and we should stop the nonsense. While Ted Cruz was all that for me, Donald Trump was elected president. Now we will go through several years of shame and recriminations and then the division starts again. Conservatives don’t lose to opponents, we beat ourselves. The bell tolls for thee, because if one loses, we all lose.

Hillary Is Riding A Two Headed Pony

two-headed-silver__gold_shetland-croppedAccording to USA Today, FBI Director Comey informed congressional leaders that the FBI is reopening the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server when they found more missing emails on Anthony Wiener’s computer in a separate investigation. Wiener is the ex husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary’s closest assistant. It’s reported that leaders at the justice department are furious that Comey chose to inform congressional leaders despite being warned not to by AG Lynch. Timing the release of political news must be a science. I envision this as Hillary riding a two headed pony.


The Daily Mail out of the UK reported Hillary has now come out and asked the FBI to publish everything they have about her emails. This is purely for optics sake. Damage control is never about the facts; its about your perception of the facts. She can call for the release of all the FBI information on her for free because it gives her the image of being honest and reasonable, and, as a lawyer, she knows they can’t discuss anything under investigation. If she really was honest and reasonable she would not have destroyed and deleted thousands of emails while there was a standing subpoena for them. She could be really reasonable and get Huma’s computer and give it to the press and the FBI. She is in a trap of her own creation, and like it or not, she can’t get out without help, and apparently Mr. Comey has decided he can no longer abide the cost.




In the last debate Hillary Clinton’s argument for not discussing the Wikileaks hacked emails was because those terrible Russians hacked them. There’s no evidence to prove the Russians hacked them, but as long as you brought it up Mrs. Clinton, didn’t you testify this summer that there was no evidence to suggest your emails had been hacked by the Russians? Now you can’t answer a debate question because you assert that Wikileaks is really a tool of the Russians, and that must make Trump cozy with the Russians because he is supposedly now being their minion by bringing this up. It’s sad to me that she thinks Americans are this slow.


Have you also noticed the timing of recent events? I’m sure that as an act of kindness the FBI announced their decision to open the investigation up on a Friday before a busy Halloween weekend. They are counting on the weekend news cycle changing the headlines to something bad about Trump. If that doesn’t work, maybe they’ll have a mass clown sighting to derail the news cycle. Whether the FBI likes it or not, this reveals that they are trying to minimize the damage to Hillary’s campaign.


As long as we are on the subject of skulduggery and subterfuge, within three hours of reading Comey’s decision in the news, I read an “article” in bipartisanreport.com stating that Gary Johnson and his running mate have conceded the election and are endorsing Hillary. Of course this is not verifiable and not likely to be true. The funny part is that the “article” was dated on Wednesday the 26th of October, but didn’t show up in my Facebook news feed until Friday the 28th three hours after the FBI news. The devil is in the details. How would this not show up in news feeds until after Comey announces the reopening of the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton? Probably the article’s job was to minimize the damage of the Comey announcement by distracting the impressionable. I wonder who was behind the article. Propaganda can be so entertaining.



This whole email scandal is not only a problem for Hillary, it puts Huma  Abedin in a really bad spot too. You can be pretty sure her immunity deal is predicated on her sworn testimony that she gave up everything she knew. Now that they found more, her immunity agreement will not cover any new information and may be invalidated by her lie. She’ll have to tell the truth now or go to jail. According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, the mere fact that they reopened the investigation indicates that they have already seated a grand-jury in this case.


Politicians who are susceptible to blackmail are a risk to the country they represent. That is the real reason why candidates must be fully vetted. Claiming its not the Russians and it is the Russians makes Hillary look like she is trying to ride a two headed pony, and whoever is in charge of timing this circus has to be going nuts by now.


Where Did The Shining City On A Hill Go?

Beacon_HillWhen Ronald Reagan was running for president people felt like they would be part of the solution to our problems; like we the people could do our part in bringing America back. Now I feel like I can’t walk into the voting booth without becoming part of the problem. For me, it is a very powerless feeling. Where did the shining city on a hill go? What happened to us being a light to the world; another of his favorite analogies? There is an answer to this, so stay with me.

Our front running candidate has been caught red handed sharing classified information on an unsecured email server. When the congress subpoenaed copies of her emails, she cherry picked what she sent them and deleted over 30,000 emails, in defiance of the subpoena! She assures the voters that there is no evidence that her email was compromised while her campaign is blaming the Russians for hacking the emails she claims were never compromised. Her hacked emails show she was involved in the sale of stinger missiles to ISIS, as an attempt to topple the Assad regime of Syria. I recently read that at least one of those missiles was proven to bring down a U.S. helicopter in Afghanistan. Email from John Podesta, described by Peter Baker of the New York Times as Hillary’s “Right Hand With A Punch,’ shows Podesta writing about how illegal aliens could vote, and its benefit to Hillary, in an email never meant to be seen by the public.

On the other side we have a man who is too bullheaded to take advice from his own campaign experts. He won’t prepare for a debate in any substantive way. Using precious time in a debate to tell the public how big his plans are for our success shows he does not understand what Americans want to hear. He is not believable because he has been caught on film extolling the virtues of every side of every argument. He used equally slimy methods and lies to subdue his primary opponents as he now complains about Hillary using against him. There is a difference between seeing one’s success as being derived from providing a value at a reasonable price, and thinking your negotiating skills are so superior that the only possible outcome is that you got one over on your customers.

In short, we have two candidates that both think it is They that will make America great; that They possess what we need. If we listen closely we discover that their plan includes taking power over us to lead us where They think we need to go. Of course that would include putting our grandchildren in greater debt than the $54,000 per man, woman, and child debt that our deficit is now at.

I heard nothing from either candidate that even remotely sounded like we are the solution. I heard that we need them; that our problems are greater than us; that we should trust them to fix us and make us great or the compassionate nation we should be. I heard this from two who look down at Americans as those who can be easily manipulated with wild and crazy lies. I saw contempt for the truth, honesty, fairness, justice, and the rule of law.

Reagan was referring to the biblical story about not hiding our light under a basket. The light is the truth in this story. How will people find the truth if we hide it under a basket so it is unseen? I see two candidates who are doing their best to hide the truth. The truth helps us to orient ourselves. Those that speak transparency while living a concealed life, laugh in the voters faces.

If lying because it gets you what you want is ok to you, then I’m sure Hillary doesn’t raise the hair on your neck. If a little locker room talk once in a while doesn’t bother you then I’m sure Donald Trump doesn’t either. If we are truly ok with either of these two candidates then we are a feckless and shallow electorate, and soon the light under the basket will go out. The bible is very clear that having a conscience is a gift and if we don’t use it, it goes away. The answer to the question “Where Did The Shining City On A Hill Go?” is clear. The individuals that make up this country make up “the shining city on a hill.” Reagan’s appeal was right on. He appealed to individuals sense’ of goodness, honesty, decency, fairness, love, respect, etc. in a way that made us want to be all of these things and collectively we all walked a little taller. But now we have given the gift of these candidates to our grandchildren as a reflection of our values. These candidates cannot help us with the wicked hearts we used to select them. They are only a reflection of us. We are the problem. God help us!

Pulling A Gun On A Police Officer Ends All Discussion

Revolver Pistol Weapon-ID10261-1280x857A few years back one of my children lost a son to cancer when he was a tender two and a half years old. The grief is unimaginable. My own grief was over the top in every respect. I feel bad for anyone that loses a child by any means. As parents, most of us put our hearts and souls into raising our children. If they come to an early demise, it is a tragedy. The circumstances of their death don’t alter that. All of the hopes and dreams we had for them end in a moment. It’s emotionally unworkable in every way. There is almost always a sense of guilt on the parents part. What did I do wrong? What did I not do right? This is normal to question oneself.

I have to admit that I do have issues with the parents of some of these young adults that prematurely meet their maker because of really stupid choices. When anyone pulls a weapon on a police officer, any potential discussion of their complaint ends. At that point it is the officers decision on how to deal with the real life threat that the young adult has now chosen to present. In almost all cases, the officer’s instinct of self preservation takes over and the young adult posing the mortal threat dies. When police are in a crisis their training takes over. They are trained to eliminate mortal threats to themselves and the public.

We can all jump to conclusions about the motivation of the killing based on the skin color of the victim if we want to but we’ll probably be wrong. We say the young man was the victim of a police shooting. At what point do we start to acknowledge that he was the victim of a really bad choice? Whether you call it bad, stupid, or dumb doesn’t matter. What matters is why does the behavior of the person shot, never come up for discussion?

By now everyone has heard about the Milwaukee Policeman who shot a young black suspect dead in the last couple of weeks. Before they even knew that the police officer that shot him was black, the community started rioting! Blacks in the community were video taped searching for white people to beat. They basically burned their own community! This is backward thinking! Burn your own community? Children are watching adults do incredibly stupid things to others, acting as if there isn’t a real consequence coming. Is it any wonder that some young people don’t understand the connection between bad choices and permanent consequence? Natural consequences teach not only the ones who broke the law, but also those who watched it all happen.

While I’m on the subject, politicians need to change their approach as well. There is such a thing as acting irresponsibly, and I think we have seen it in our president. Taking public positions on cases that have not made it to trial and encouraging prosecution of the police before all of the facts of a case have been determined is inappropriate and akin to throwing verbal matches into a racially incendiary situation.

All races need to teach our children the dynamics of natural consequences. It is not a parents job to be their child’s “friend.” It’s their job to be their parent, and that means to love and discipline them as they need it. Teach them that they are too valuable to treat themselves so poorly; that threatening a police officer is stupid. Teach them to wisely live, so they can fight for justice another day! Teach them that pulling a gun on a police officer ends their chance to change the system they disagree with. Racism is real and does happen, but it is not responsible for people making mortally stupid choices. 

Is The Devil In The Details?


Red Domed Capital_edited-1for fbI’ve heard it said that we are better off with the devil we know than the devil we don’t. Of course, I’m thinking in terms of the presidential race. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a crystal clear record of being on both sides of so many issues that I’ve lost track. Because of the volumes of videos on the internet showing them both taking both sides of almost every issue, to those who have taken the time to view these videos, it’s clear that all we know about them is that we don’t really know them at all. By virtue of the shear volume of air time given to each, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are much better known than the others running. The mainstream media have largely ignored all others. In a world where technology is so advanced that we can whiz a video of an event around the world seconds after it happens, one can only conclude that our media is limiting our choices by limiting the amount of coverage we get of all the other candidates.

Are we really better off with who we know best when our media is trying to control who we know best? Another pertinent question is, do we really want to know them? Lets not forget that we live in a divorce filled world where the common complaint after divorce is, “I thought I knew her well” (or him). We all seem to see what we want to see.

I stopped yesterday for a cold pop at a local restaurant. It was sweltering hot out and a perfect time to duck in out of the heat. I was discussing politics with a woman when it became clear to me that she was not happy with her choices. She said she couldn’t vote for any of the third party candidates since they couldn’t win. She said that she couldn’t vote for Donald Trump either, but also thinks that Hillary is a crook. The next thing out of her mouth just stunned me. She said, “Well, maybe she will “crook” for us! It could be to our benefit.”

I tried wrapping my head around that comment, to no avail. This woman is not an isolated case. If you just want someone to steal for you, I can’t help you. Talk to your parents because they failed you miserably. If you feel like a captive because you can’t fathom voting for someone who not is polling ahead, then go get some counseling. Sometimes those who feel like a loser vote for those who are ahead so they can vicariously become a winner. That can be fixed.

There are a whole host of candidates from other parties out there. None of them have a chance of winning if all of us think only two people are running. Winning is not everything. I need to be able to look the guy in the mirror right in the eyes and like him. That means I need to vote my conscience.


America is an heirloom passed onto us by our ancestors. Do we want someone to take a remodeler’s saw to our constitution before we pass it on to our kids and grand kids? When Mrs. Powell asked Benjamin Franklin, “What have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” He said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Is the devil in the details? It sure seems so. Maybe this year the devil will be working the voting booths!

We are being spoon fed the very poison that will lead to the demise of our kids and grand kids. It’s time to rise from our stupor! Caring is a lot of hard work. Lets care enough to break a sweat and get to know all of the candidates. Lets not be afraid to vote for candidates just because they haven’t polled well yet. For the Uber idealists out there; there is no perfect candidate. Find the one that most closely represents you and vote. Then go wake up your family and friends and get them to vote too. Share this blog!

Who Is The Quarterback, Anyway?

800px-US_Navy_031004-N-9818S-369_Navy_quarterback_Craig_Candeto_tries_to_out_manuever_Air_Force_defender_Larry_DuncanAt this years Republican convention, Trump’s job was to quarterback the message or platform of the republicans to the conservatives, the undecideds, and disaffected democrats. Further, he could have shown that there is room for all in the republican party; that the party is not monolithic, nor is its message.

Trump could have unified the party by saying to the world, “I know we don’t all agree on every subject. I know we all have our priorities too. But this is a time for working together for issues we can agree on. This is not a time when we should all be feuding over small differences. It is too important a time in history for us all to get lost in the details.”

Now, back to reality; Should Ted Cruz have endorsed Donald Trump by name? It has been interesting, to say the least, observing the drama or Kabuki Theater of the “Donald Trump Convention.” We can almost see the calculations being made as we see the convention footage unfold. One could guess Mr. Manafort advised his candidate of the political cost of not inviting Ted Cruz to speak at his convention. It’s likely that there were several animated conversations in the Trump camp about this. Trumps campaign wanted Cruz to endorse him because it makes many of Cruz’s supporters potential converts. I’m not sure Trump himself cared though.

Trump, or his camp, came up with a convention contingency plan in case Cruz kept his word by not endorsing Trump. How far have we fallen when we have to have a plan in case someone keeps their word? They would have agitators working the floor, some delegates referred to them as brown shirts, that would coach the Trump delegates in their “Boo Chorus.” If that didn’t help, Donald would come out into the auditorium, on cue, before Cruz was finished; the Trump supporters would start cheering and drown out Cruz’s closing remarks. Am I the only one who noticed that the media was cued and ready for Trumps premature entry? One cameraman was waiting on him for some time. This entire thing was an orchestration and was calculated in advance.

During the primary campaign, in his arrogance, he said he didn’t need or want Cruz’s support, nor that of his supporters. Trumps biggest problem is that he is prone to these delusions of grandeur and appears to refuse an awful lot of counsel. Within three days of the closing of the “Trump National Convention” Trump was quoted by USA Today of saying, he should have let Cruz be ripped off of the stage. On NBC’s Meet The Press, Trump said he “will probably” fund a political action committee to take down Ted Cruz, and John Kasich, who also wouldn’t endorse him, and someone else he wouldn’t name.

In every political convention there is a winner and a loser. There is always a bit of fighting and such. Eventually, the losing side accepts the outcome and we all move on with our lives. I don’t ever remember a time when the winner wanted to keep the fight going. Trump is acting like he lost the race. Why is he acting like a sore loser? He was mad at Cruz for “not keeping his pledge,” and now he’s mad at him for keeping his pledge.

In view of all of the events of the past primary and convention, we have things backwards. The party is being asked to quarterback the message of Trump, not Trump quarterbacking the message of the party. Trump is not the team, he’s just the quarterback. We need party members and leadership with real immovable convictions. Winning is not a conviction.


The Republican Politburo In Full Bloom

hostagesDuring the primaries Donald Trump was asked questions that were hard hitting. Those questions found their genesis in previous actions and statements he made. He was being asked to explain his behavior. It wasn’t treating him poorly to ask him to answer for having made disparaging remarks about Carly Fiorina’s looks. The list is long of the crazy utterances of Mr. Trump. But that is Mr. Trump. Last night the current commitment to fairness of the republican party was in view as the Republican Politburo went into full bloom.

During the primary Trump met those questions with the same types of answers he did to all of them. He whined about the “unfair” treatment he was getting from the press, and then he would utter some vagaries about how big he was going to win, or how great America was going to be under him. He raged about the system being rigged against him. He used these exchanges as a springboard to refocus the dialogue to the unfairness of the press. If we wanted to really see an unfair press, we have only to recall Candy Crowley correcting Mitt Romney in the middle of a debate with Barack Obama. Nevertheless, Trump utilized the unfair treatment mantra to his benefit, instead of answering for his behavior.

His commitment to the fair treatment of candidates by the press did not seem to appear whatsoever during the time of the primaries where he virtually had his own, free of charge, 1 hour call in show every morning on Fox and Friends, to the exclusion of all of his primary opponents. Now that’s the kind of fair he was hoping for, no doubt. Fox was not to be the only media donor to Mr. Trump. In fact, it was so grotesquely lopsided that it is estimated that Donald Trump got two and a half billion dollars ($2,500,000,000.00) worth of free air-time, again, to the exclusion of all other candidates.

On the subject of commitment to fairness, last night a questionable voice vote was made to approve questionable rules; a motion to reconsider was laid upon the table, and then a motion was made from the floor to do a roll call of the votes for the approval of the rules. Under Roberts Rules of Order, that motion, if properly made, must be dealt with. Instead, the chair did not call for a second, and put the motion to a vote. The chair clearly was getting instructions from the back room through a man standing next to him who kept speaking into a lapel mike as he was getting responses and would pass them onto the chair. Apparently, Reince Priebus is the OZ behind the curtain. The chair then said that the petition that was presented represented nine states, and that three were disqualified by withdrawal, and that fell below the requirement of seven states to call the roll. According to Senator Mike Lee from Utah, there were eleven states petitions actually presented. This is the new Republican Math; 11-3=6!

The rules that they were trying to pass without any scrutiny make an horrific change. Under these rules, the Republican National Committee can make changes to the convention rules, which were previously only able to be changed by the delegates on the rules committee to the convention. In effect, the majority of the rules committee delegates voted to give all their power to the national committee. That is the stuff that the Soviet Politburo was made of.

The tactics at this convention are being compared to the brown-shirts of Hitler and the Soviet Politburo. This is clearly a Trump Convention, not a Republican Convention. Who is expecting more from a man who, out of one side of his mouth criticizes Hillary for being above the law, and out of the other side of his mouth orders the rules lowered to align with his lack of trust of democracy. A larger question is whether Trump did this to the Republican National Committee or was the Republican National Committee this corrupt before Trump? If they were this corrupt before Trump, the next question is who are they working for? The Republican Politburo is in full bloom. The takeover is almost complete. Remember, When Donald Trump says that America will be great again under him, the key words are, apparently, “under him!”