The Night Before Kristallnacht

By Kevin Schoen 4/14/2018

By Unknown –, Public Domain,

There have been many moments in history when mankind turned on itself. Kristallnacht was one and named such because in Nazi Germany it meant the night of breaking glass. It was the night when the German paramilitary forces in conjunction with German citizens attacked Jews and their businesses. There was so much broken glass that they named it as such. It was reported around the world. I believe that is when people around the world realized that the passivists were wrong; that there would be no negotiating. Hundreds were killed and 30,000 Jewish men were rounded up and put into concentration camps. Jewish hospitals, schools and homes were ransacked, and a thousand synagogues were burned. This event is widely seen by historians as the beginning of the “final solution.” Though the carnage and devastation was unbelievable, I’d like you to consider a rarely ever talked about moment in history: The night before Kristallnacht.

George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The point is that wars don’t just appear one day; the combatants engaged in a system of thoughts and events that brought them to the precipice of war. The tension rose to a crescendo where everything is a trigger. One person fires the first shot and the cascade starts.

Much like the people in the USA took part in the protests, looting and destruction of the last few years, the German people took part in the lead up to Kristallnacht’s killing and destroying. Like there are forces trying to stir the the passions of those with sharp differences, so were there prior to Kristallnacht. Today there are those attempting to besmirch the character of republicans and democrats. There are also those working to keep the left and right seperated and unable to hear each other. This was the case in Germany back when they didn’t have facebook back then to aid in the efficiency of the division.

I believe it is the goal of anarchists to sift and divide us, as a nation. Saul Alinsky once said: “The despair is there: now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.” Today we have facebook determining the political associations and leanings of it’s members and giving or selling this information. That would be the sifting. We also have trolls and political operatives, possibly foreign, attempting to manipulate the weak-minded and fomenting hatred between family and friends. There you have your dividing.

There seems to be, full fledged, well organized, psy-ops geared to destroy support for our government that once was the model for the world. They are operating under the modus operandi that Trump has to go, but all they really want is for us to be removed from our previous circles of influence with each other, seemingly, so that there can be no concerted effort to stop an overthrow. People are ridding themselves of “friends” by the 100’s.

Are we again at “The Night Before Kristallnacht?” We need to all take a breath and not allow ourselves to be tempted to insult each other and divide ourselves. America’s detractors want us to hate each other. Remember that victimizers seek to isolate their victims from their supporters. We are citizens of the “United States of America,” not the Divided States of America. In the end we truly only have each other!