Late Breaking – Judge Refuses To Order Hand Recount In Wisconsin

looking_for_hanging_chad_2000_presidential_electionI was just informed that Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn who was hearing the lawsuit to force a hand recount of the Wisconsin presidential race ballots did not agree to order a hand recount. Wisconsin state law requires that the requester of the recount has to show “clear and convincing” evidence” that using machines will produce incorrect totals…. The judge said she felt that the Stein and Clinton campaigns failed to show that. This means the recount will be done with tabulators, unless a county clerk agrees to count their own county by hand. In essence it is voluntary.


Initially, it seemed strange that Ms. Stein would want a recount in any state since her campaign has to pay for them. She, as a candidate, stood to gain nothing from requesting a recount. was soliciting contributions from donors to help pay for the three state recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.


Miraculously, all three states together had enough electoral votes to flip the results of the election. Curious how that worked out. It all was making Ms. Stein look like a Clinton surrogate since she could not really benefit from this recount. As of today, the Clinton campaign has joined Ms. Stein in her request.


Initially, Ms. Stein was saying that there was a concern that the machine tabulators may have been hacked. Well, she apparently was advised poorly because here in Wisconsin the machines are not connected to the internet. They are stand alone machines and would require an army of felons distributed to every location because, if they can be hacked, it must be in person. Don’t get me wrong, voter fraud happens in Wisconsin every year. There are at least a handful of people charged each year for casting multiple votes. In comparison, Wisconsin has a squeaky clean system to some of our neighbor states though.


George Martin, who sits on the Green Party’s coordinating committee, said Stein was seeking the recount because of concerns about differences between the votes and exit polls, as well as worries that there could have been tampering with voting machines.

“I want to be clear, there is no smoking gun,” Martin said during a news conference at Milwaukee’s City Hall. “There’s not something we’re pointing (at) to say that ‘this is wrong in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.’ What we are saying is there is enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated.”


If Wisconsin’s machine recount goes as I suspect it will, it will eliminate Wisconsin from the list of three states, thereby eliminating the chance for a change in election results for the country. In Michigan, the entire state uses paper ballots. How do you hack that?


This looks like a fishing expedition. I’m pretty sure they expected the judge to rule in their favor. We will never know now, but I was preparing myself for another episode of the “Hanging Chad Chronicles.”

Did Racism, Intolerance, And Hatred Elect Donald Trump?

laughing_donkey-cropDid Racism, intolerance, and hatred elect Donald Trump? I suppose your answer depends on which hymnal you’re singing out of. If you are a liberal, black, or gay, or all of the above, and you are listening to the democrat leadership and the mainstream media, you may be afraid that’s how he won. If you disagree with the racial dividers, the intolerant intolerance crowd, or the monolithic thinking diversity crowd, or the disagreeing with policy makes you a racist bigot crowd, then you probably just had all you could handle and realized it was time to vote and support whoever had a chance to win against the Empress of Entitlement, Hillary Clinton.


Seriously, even in Madison, yes Madison, Wisconsin, white liberals were openly lamenting the notion of 4 or 8 more years of racial polarizers at the top. This is not an indication that these people are racists. The majority of the country are white people that had nothing to do with slavery, and practice inclusion daily. When these people are fed up and decide not to show up for the election, or vote for the opposing party, you know their party has gone off the tracks. Ronald Reagan said it best when he said the democrat party left him.


America remembered the promises made to them, of the most transparent administration in history; of a unified country with hope for the future through thoughtful change; of finally being respected by the rest of the world; of being able to keep your doctors if you like them; of the average family saving $2,500.00 a year on their health insurance; of promising those earning under $250,000.00 no tax increases; of the promise to not ad one dime to the deficit. The list is immense.


America remembered the images of pallets of cash being offloaded in Iran. America remembered the President arranging for money to be sent to Israel to fund the opposition to a respected sitting Prime Minister. America remembers a president who said on an open mic to a Russian diplomat to tell Vladimir I can be more flexible after the election, implying he’s keeping something from the American public. America remembers President Obama bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia. The list goes on.


America remembered Benghazi and how Hillary would not send help to our people despite constant pleas for military assistance, and the images of Christopher Stevens being cattle prodded in the genitals as he was laying in the street bloody, surrounded by his attackers. Americans still remember the names of the dead Americans. She told of this attack being caused by some obscure videographer who maligned the name of Mohammad in his video, ever vilifying the “intolerant crowd.” Political maneuvering juxtaposed against rescuing Americans being attacked; Hillary choosing the political lie casts her as a heartless criminal. Who can forget?

Who can forget the 33,000 emails she destroyed that she was under subpoena to produce? Who can forget the Clinton Foundation, and the pay for play scam that never really got investigated? Who can forget that the states with the most stringent gun laws are controlled by democrats and have the very highest gun violence rates? It is not lost on Americans that Hillary stated her intentions to change the second amendment.


When Donald Trump said to Blacks, “what have you got to lose,” they showed they are willing to listen. They have suffered at the hands of the democrat party. Now that he won, the democrats went right back to the exact same play book: Meanwhile,Harry Reid is spouting off that Trump scares people and they have a right to not live in fear! Where in the constitution does he find that right spelled out? In 1964 when Lyndon Johnson said “We’ll have those n…ers voting democrat for the next 200 years,” he may have overestimated the power of the democrat party. The Black Conservative movement is resilient and growing. For the black vote that Donald Trump didn’t get, those interested in opportunity instead of entitlement is growing.


So, Donald Trump was not elected by racism, intolerance, and hatred. Donald Trump was elected by people who are sick of the racial dividers, calculators, and liars in Washington and across our country. He isn’t the result of racism, intolerance or hatred. He is the victim of it. He is a symptom of people sick of the hatefulness in our society. He is by most’s assessment, a very flawed candidate. Nevertheless, they chose to take a chance on him before they would allow the democrats to be in charge again. He is to many, a breath of fresh air because he echos the disgust of the majority.


The fact is, Donald Trump won because he was supported by democrats, republicans, and libertarians. He is a demonstration that the American people are done waiting to be heard.

Reflecting on Reflecting

 by Kevin Schoen
When I think of a thought
I think I aught
Consider how I came up with that thought.
Seems funny to think
How my thinking is fraught
With just how my thinker
Came up with that thought.
Photo By Tim Schapker (Reflection from Cloud Gate) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


I needed to lighten up some today. 🙂

Words Mean Things!

By Michael Melgar – english wikipedia., CC BY-SA 3.0,

Words mean things! Joe Scarborough was lamenting that the media, including the New York Times, ridiculed those that dared speak about their support for Donald Trump. He postulates that in doing so, they moved from being reporters of news to creators of news. While very arrogant, it appears the media thought that nobody that was sane or who mattered could possibly disagree with them. When the media interacts with the people they are supposed to be observing and reporting on, they hope to affect the outcome of their observation. I believe they did it with intent, but misjudged the power of their influence; They intended to influence what could be, instead of being reporters of what is. Expect people to lie about whether they support Trump if you just called Trump supporters idiots. Don’t expect them to change their vote though. I read a report last night that said even exit polling was off by 6%, a clear indication that 6% of those polled lied!


In an interview with Rachel Maddow, Senator Elizabeth Warren said lots that is wrong and misleading. The crown jewel of wrong headed-ness she said about the Trump protesters was: “People have a right to be heard.” This phrase is bounced about in our society a lot, but nobody seems to catch it, or unpack its meaning. The first amendment gives us the right to free speech. That is what people think they are hearing in this phrase. That’s not what she is saying. She is implying that if they have a “right to be heard,” we have an obligation to listen, and they have a right to make people listen!


During the conflict in Nevada at the Bundy ranch when the Bureau of Land Management was giving the Bundy’s and their friends trouble, They created “free speech zones.” They told the people protesting that they could protest all they wanted but only in the “free speech zones” that were two miles out in the middle of nowhere. The protesters were not in anyone’s way. They weren’t marching in the middle of a highway and stopping traffic. They weren’t burning the American flag, or setting private businesses on fire, or looting stores. Did anyone hear Senator Warren say that the Bundy supporters have a right to be heard? Clearly, the Bureau of Land Management knows that there is no right to be heard in the constitution, and I suspect so does Senator Elizabeth Warren. I believe the equal protection clause says that the Bundy protesters were treated differently under the law!


Scarborough said that the media created a false sense that Hillary had victory in the bag. I believe they tried hard to sully the public persona of Donald Trump so that people would be ashamed to vote for him. In fact, what they really accomplished was not to change anyone’s vote, they just made sure they would never tell a pollster that they intended to vote for Trump. That is why the main stream media polls never reflected a Trump victory. I’ve viewed videos of Trump speeches that were so heavily edited that a person could not arrive at his original meaning, because the context of it all was missing. Our media has become unbelievable. They did it to themselves.


Even now, almost a week after the election, CBS is reporting that Hillary WON the popular vote by 638,750 votes. Never mind that it is not true. The vote won’t be certified until mid December. As of today, there are still uncounted votes in a few states. According to the AP, updated this morning, Clinton has a 358,384 vote edge in the popular vote. This morning I ran a proportional estimate based on the percentage of precincts unreported. Based on that estimate, there may be as many as 800,000 votes yet to count. But, what do they hope to accomplish? Trump won the majority of states, and the majority of electoral college votes. Its over.


The protesters and rioters are estimated to have caused over a million dollars in damage. People have been beaten in the streets for being Trump voters. Given the videos and pictures of buses that are reported to have bused people to these protests, its difficult not to conclude that these are organized efforts to foment division and hatred. Who payed for the buses? Given that this has been going on since the day after the election, is it not reasonable to conclude that this was planned ahead?


Lack of words also mean things. Where is Hillary Clinton, or President Obama, or Bernie Sanders, or Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi, Or Loretta Lynch? In the face of the fact that Hillary took an electoral college shellacking, and the republicans held onto the senate and gained in the house, shouldn’t they step up and say stop?


It seems the democrat party has lost its way. They have used their words to divide, stir and hate their opponents. They are using their silence to turn their back on their own country! We used to be in this together! Trump could not have won without a fair amount of support from rebellious or disaffected democrats. There is a message in that that should be heard by the party. It doesn’t sound like they are in the listening mood. Words mean things.


kevinGo to the Weary Voter Facebook Page and Like It.


Check out Jason Sanders blog below. He makes great points.

Be Careful How You Use The Word Uneducated

No Man Is An Island

cropped-Isabel-fishing-1.jpgAmerican voters have sunken to a new low. They seem to eat whatever they’re fed with no ability to discern or discriminate good from bad or fact from fiction. They’ve become the victims of propaganda sites run by both parties and both candidates who have been working in overdrive trying to sully each others chances of success. There was a day when the quality of candidates was exponentially higher than now. Well, no man is an island, just as John Donne said in 1624. Sadly, there are many who believe ill-gotten gain is still gain. Our willingness to believe and propagate the drivel out there today damages our credibility, and demonstrates our desire to spread what we want to be true, over what we know to be true. Before you know it we are all just about winning, instead of winning with ethical values and ideas. Hey, lets talk about voting our conscience.


*No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.
John Donne, Meditation XVII
English clergyman & poet (1572 – 1631)

When voting for Hitler, the German people were making a statement of conscience. Of course, they had no idea that he would eventually kill over 7 million Jewish people. Jews controlled lots of money and jobs and Hitler told the people that they had a right to that money, and that the Jews were just rich swindlers! Their conscience seemed to say it was permissible to take this money from the Jews/rich people. I’m sure they thought of it as repatriating their own money to themselves. He promised to make a great world for them. That’s where it was to stop. All they had to do was vote for him and he would make it right. After the war, the German people’s shame was overwhelming because they freely elected Hitler! Hitler was not the problem, he was a symptom of the German people’s envy. I wonder if their shame would have been so overwhelming if Hitler had won the war? Conscience is a reflection of peoples personal morals and ethics.


I personally get most people’s angst. I understand democrats who can’t stand to see people suffer from lack, and want to do something for them. I understand republicans who think that people should not be comfortable in poverty because that discomfort is motivation to fight on to success. I understand Never Trumpers who cannot abide the false propaganda about Senator Cruz having affairs, that Donald Trump used to take Cruz down in the primary. I understand those who support Donald Trump because he says things that sound like he is as fed up with Washington as most of us are. I personally understand the Cruz only people, who felt he was the only one smart enough to do the job. I even understand those that will vote for Hillary because of her sex. I believe that the answers won’t be found in any one of these single positions, yet we use these to divide ourselves.


What I don’t get is how we have become this divided. I have been unfriended by long time friends who I’ve known for over 40 years. I am a blogger. I write about politics. Perhaps I should start a recipe blog so I don’t offend anyone. I happened to be writing about the email scandal haunting Hillary yesterday when a “friend” decided it was time to part with me because I wasn’t conservative enough, and she thought I was a “deplorable Trump supporter.” This was all predicated on the content of my writing. I must have become deplorable for stating negative facts and opinions about Hillary. I guess I’m judged on whether my writing is not negative enough about Trump! I told her that I did not need her pressure to vote according to her conscience, and that if she couldn’t refrain from that she should just go away. What have we done to ourselves? Conservatives have chided the democrats for talking tolerance but being unable to produce it. We should stop chiding the democrats. We are pathetic at tolerance ourselves; just look around.

You may think you don’t need anyone, but no man is an island. If you think we don’t need each other, you are delusional. When slavery was legal in the south, potential underground railroad “passengers” did not go to the assigned location to meet up and refuse to “board” because there was a Trump sign in the front yard. Whether you voted Trump or for a third party candidate, now we really need each other, and we should stop the nonsense. While Ted Cruz was all that for me, Donald Trump was elected president. Now we will go through several years of shame and recriminations and then the division starts again. Conservatives don’t lose to opponents, we beat ourselves. The bell tolls for thee, because if one loses, we all lose.