Would Jesus unfriend me?

ChurchIf asked to describe jello, most would say “Jiggly.” It’s funny how we have associations we make for virtually all words in our languages. It’s part of how the human brain works. We also just can’t stand to have uncomfortable feelings about any issues. We just seem to find ways around that, even if it means changing our version of truth to get there. It is referred to as cognitive dissonance. The most interesting part is that Christians are not immune to this quirky design issue. Just look on Face Book.

If you look at the current American political puzzle assembling itself, and how can you not, you have to be scratching your head. There are evangelical Christians on all sides of the “Trump Divide.” We are all witnessing some of the most unkind exchanges ever. Much to the surprise of many, a goodly amount of this behavior is coming from Christians! The whole world is watching how we define Love. My brother Philip used to say “Love is a verb; an action word.” Nevertheless, love is very hard work!

For those who aim their stone at me for being a stone thrower, this isn’t a stone; it’s a reminder that only sinners need Jesus, and I know that I’m one too. Meanwhile the world, who desperately needs all the good that can come from us behaving like Christians, sees the fruit of our behavior with all of its ugly warts and blemishes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being one family they don’t want to be a part of.

Who would bet that the non-christian political world sees us as that wacko crazy cousin that they tolerate because they need our vote to form a majority? I don’t think that Jesus wants us to be known by our lack of self control! How can we tell people that we just can’t vote for Mr. Trump because his ethics and morals don’t meet our standards when we have degrading names for Trump supporters like “Trumptards?” As much as we don’t get how people cannot see the contradiction and dichotomy that is Donald Trump, we should get it that we all see differently. We should get it that they think they are doing the right thing by supporting Mr. Trump. While many of us don’t get how this can be happening to our country, the people who support him came about their opinions as honestly as we do.

I have been unfriended for not agreeing with Trump supporters. I was referred to by one man as his “natural enemy.” I have been told that I will be responsible for the election of Hillary Clinton, and the loss of all that is great in America. It’s pretty plain to see that manipulation is afoot in America on a grand scale. Using guilt as a tool is a sure sign that bad things are happening between us citizens and to American politics.

Phil Robertson is coming out with a movie called “The Torchbearer.” The title makes me think of our mission as Christians. How can we contend for peoples hearts if we stop speaking the truth IN LOVE? What good does it do to unfriend someone? How can you reach out and be salt and light to someone you severed ties with? Would Jesus use the unfriend button? Jesus died for all mankind; not just the ones that think Donald Trump is up to no good. The devil would like to divide us. Don’t let him. What if the one word that the world thought best described Christian faith was “Jiggly?”