The Night Before Kristallnacht

By Kevin Schoen 4/14/2018

By Unknown –, Public Domain,

There have been many moments in history when mankind turned on itself. Kristallnacht was one and named such because in Nazi Germany it meant the night of breaking glass. It was the night when the German paramilitary forces in conjunction with German citizens attacked Jews and their businesses. There was so much broken glass that they named it as such. It was reported around the world. I believe that is when people around the world realized that the passivists were wrong; that there would be no negotiating. Hundreds were killed and 30,000 Jewish men were rounded up and put into concentration camps. Jewish hospitals, schools and homes were ransacked, and a thousand synagogues were burned. This event is widely seen by historians as the beginning of the “final solution.” Though the carnage and devastation was unbelievable, I’d like you to consider a rarely ever talked about moment in history: The night before Kristallnacht.

George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The point is that wars don’t just appear one day; the combatants engaged in a system of thoughts and events that brought them to the precipice of war. The tension rose to a crescendo where everything is a trigger. One person fires the first shot and the cascade starts.

Much like the people in the USA took part in the protests, looting and destruction of the last few years, the German people took part in the lead up to Kristallnacht’s killing and destroying. Like there are forces trying to stir the the passions of those with sharp differences, so were there prior to Kristallnacht. Today there are those attempting to besmirch the character of republicans and democrats. There are also those working to keep the left and right seperated and unable to hear each other. This was the case in Germany back when they didn’t have facebook back then to aid in the efficiency of the division.

I believe it is the goal of anarchists to sift and divide us, as a nation. Saul Alinsky once said: “The despair is there: now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.” Today we have facebook determining the political associations and leanings of it’s members and giving or selling this information. That would be the sifting. We also have trolls and political operatives, possibly foreign, attempting to manipulate the weak-minded and fomenting hatred between family and friends. There you have your dividing.

There seems to be, full fledged, well organized, psy-ops geared to destroy support for our government that once was the model for the world. They are operating under the modus operandi that Trump has to go, but all they really want is for us to be removed from our previous circles of influence with each other, seemingly, so that there can be no concerted effort to stop an overthrow. People are ridding themselves of “friends” by the 100’s.

Are we again at “The Night Before Kristallnacht?” We need to all take a breath and not allow ourselves to be tempted to insult each other and divide ourselves. America’s detractors want us to hate each other. Remember that victimizers seek to isolate their victims from their supporters. We are citizens of the “United States of America,” not the Divided States of America. In the end we truly only have each other!

A Stick And A Hop

By Kevin Schoen 12/22/2017

A Stick And A Hop – It’s what Bella does every day. It is a demonstration that she is thankful and giddy about life. She finds a stick on our morning walk and throws it and then hops or pounces on it. Her joy is palpable. Each day she either finds a new stick and this goes on for a while, or she finds the same stick, in which case, the stick moves closer to home, as she carries it part of the way each day. I think she actually has a plan to get them all home at some point so she doesn’t have to share them with other dogs.

For those who don’t know Bella, allow me to introduce you – Bella is a 71 pound, half labrador retriever and half brindle greyhound dog that found her way into my life after being abused for the first eleven months of her life. She lived with a couple who left her in a kennel in an empty apartment with only water for six days. I was going to take her home until I could find her a good home. She barged into my life with a smile and a big wet kiss; what could I do? It’s been five and a half months. She has her own leather recliner now. She follows me everywhere, even the bathroom. The bathroom is pretty small so she waits for me in the tub just so she doesn’t crowd me – now that’s thoughtful! Daily she offers to be a food tester to protect me from poisoning! What’s not to love?

I was talking to one of my kids the other day when she reminded me of a christmas long ago where there was no money for gifts. It pains me to hear and share this story but it is humility that sets men apart from boys, so I shall move on toward manhood some more today. I listened as she talked. I told her that that was a difficult memory for me. She said it was the only Christmas that she really remembers well, and that it is a very fond memory for her. Poverty can be so humiliating.

One day I went to my youngest daughters house. My grand daughter Gabriela, who was 4 at the time, gave me a bunch of drawings she had made. I was pretty tickled about her thoughtfulness. I was talking on the phone later with her Mom, my daughter, when I told her that Gabby had given me from her all, and that meant everything to me. She gave me from the best she had to give, her time and talent. It is about gratitude. I am grateful for each member of my family; my children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and all of my in-laws, nieces and nephews, grand or otherwise, and Bella!

A new tv, computer, smart phone, games, toys, clothes, cars, houses, etc. are all wonderful gifts, don’t get me wrong. What I am saying is all of this pales when compared to time spent with those we love. While I get frustrated to see a couple sitting in a restaurant, both on their smart phones, not saying a word to each other, I am reminded of the value and preciousness of connections with those we love. It reminds me that we only get to keep our memories.

So now you have the answer to the question, what on earth is he doing with his mostly political flavored blog by writing an article entitled “A Stick And A Hop?” I’m wishing you a very simple and very grateful Merry Christmas. Put your phone down, shut off your computer and go play stick with your dog, or tell someone you care about them. Spend time. God blesses givers so go give someone some of your time. All of our problems will wait until we come back. God Bless You All, and Merry Christmas from Bella and I!

Never Send To Know For Whom The Bell Tolls; It Tolls For Thee

By Kevin Schoen


Back in the day when someone in the village died the church would ring their bell. Naturally people would ask “For Whom The Bell Tolled.” It was a natural reaction to wonder in a small community who it was that died. Villagers all knew each other so ones death was personal to the whole village. It was a loss to all. In the small town of Minnesota City, Minnesota, a man just died suddenly. No doubt the locals all heard that their fellow resident, neighbor and friend came to the end of his earthly sojourn.

In his Meditation XVII, John Donne, the English clergyman and poet (1572-1631) penned, No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.”

The church bells tolling was a sign of loss. John Donne wanted us to get the message that when one of us dies, the loss does not belong to the deceased; it does not belong only to the family; it does not belong only to the village. The loss belongs to the whole world. To his wife, children and grand kids, the loss is very personal. He won’t be taking pictures of them and his grand children. He won’t be flirting with the love of his life. They’ll have to adjust every time they smell home baked bread, realizing he wasn’t the one who baked it for them. For the world, there is one less really sweet man in our presence. A decrease in goodness in the world diminishes us all. When my best friend died, his wife said, “I found it comforting that he didn’t belong just to me; he belonged to the whole world.”

Who was this man who died in Minnesota City, Minnesota? His name was James Edmund Schoen. All who knew and loved him, myself included, are mourning a huge loss. He was my brother. He was a quiet guy in many ways. He thought being a good husband and a really good Dad was a worthy endeavor. I can tell you first hand he was a good brother too. He was a great cook with an ability to persuade others to try the unusual. He got me to try fried green tomatoes as well as fried parsnips! They were delicious! I digress.

I’m dedicating this blog entry to the memory of my sweet brother, Jim. In this world that is so divided and fractured, Jim was a contributor. Jim was a deep thinking, very loving, and always working on something kind of guy. The world is diminished by your absence, Jim. 

Please check out his gofundme page. A little help on medical bills goes a long way, if you are so inclined.

Your Circumstances Don’t Make You Special Day

Photography by Kevin Schoen

by Kevin Schoen

Published 3/8/2017

Your circumstances don’t make you special today or any day. We all have experienced some set back in life. Try being a short fat man looking for a job in a big and tall shop. You think you are discriminated against? To add to the confusion, last year a man was woman of the year! This is an effort of the perpetually offended to get everyone all divided up nicely. To what end? So we are all nicely sliced and diced; division takes our power as a people.

Let us do a short count of the ill-affected. There are women, men that wish they were women, women who wish they were men, bald women, bald men, fat women, fat men, skinny women, skinny men, short people, tall people, the blind, the deaf, red heads, lefties, people born with deformation, hemophiliacs, albinos, those with lung disease, heart disease, those born with mental health issues, those who can have babies; those who can’t. These are just some of the struggles. Lets divide again here. Within all of these groups of people are ones who are racially different somehow. Within even those groups there are divisions based on the level of darkness of skin; see cast system in India.

Within each of these groups of people who think they have it too hard, there are infinite sub-groups. To the man who was born missing both legs and arms, the guy who was born missing his hand looks lucky. To the skinny woman who looks anorexic and cannot eat enough to satisfy her metabolism the fat woman looks luxurious. To the fat woman who starves herself to no avail, the skinny one seems lucky.

Are we all so in need of attention that we get sucked into these special days for each group. How about we have a special holiday for all groups where everyone can skip work? Will that satisfy us all? I doubt it. If we all could see how alike we all are we would be happy being in our own skin and our own lives. These days are not designed to celebrate diversity. They are designed to divide us. They are designed to make us feel more put upon than our counter group.

Has anyone ever noticed that the leftist leadership today never celebrates diversity, or even speaks of it anymore, except to try to claim inclusion of these diverse groups so people will vote in their block. They’ve spent the last several decades extolling the diverse appearance of their party. Curiously absent is diversity of opinion. They behave like a cheating husband trying to demonstrate his loyalty. No it wasn’t them that fought to keep slavery legal or fought against the civil rights act, or was it? They just ply their bride with trinkets like social spending and days of recognition.

No, your circumstances don’t make you special today or any day. We are not who we are because of our circumstances. We are who we are despite our circumstances. In fact, it can be argued that we are honed to a higher greatness by adversity. We should distrust those who use pity to divide us from each other. I am created with the circumstances my creator knew would hone me into a superior version of my former self. I am not to be pitied. We are not to be pitied. We are to be admired for our victories over adversity. Only a person who has adapted to overcome adversity can recognize the greatness in another for the same reason. A nation of great people does not give up their greatness for mere pity!

#internationalwomensday #dividedwefall #daywithoutawoman


The Speech Of His Lifetime

President Trump gave the speech of his lifetime last night. Many, including myself, underestimated him in all sorts of ways. I am reminded of the quote “When they take the low road, We take the high road.” President Trump, policy differences aside, took the high road. The partisan tension and resentment in the room was palpable. The American people took notice too. If the silent hatred does not stop, the American voters will throw a few more of the old sour pusses out in the mid-terms; Then where will the left be? Someone much smarter than I once said that we almost always are the real authors of our own demise.

To those who want to point out that his speech highlighted some fairly liberal policies, I say look at history. In election campaigns candidates, ethical or not, pivot left or right for the consumption of their audience. After 5 weeks of continual efforts, by the press, to bruise the president’s relationship with the people, the president calls a joint session of congress. This is a brilliant campaign strategy, but used by a man who has already won the campaign and can force congress and the press to be present so they can humiliate themselves with lack of maturity and self control right in front of middle America. I saw moderates on the left looking around trying to decide if it was all right to stand or clap. They are slaves to leadership.

He knew the lefts leadership would be controlled by their hate and that it would show. The lefts leadership put on their very best mean looks just for him. In fact, that’s what he wanted. They got played like a fiddle! This whole show was reaching out to the center/non-extreme segments of both parties, those who would be offended by divisiveness, in front of those who hate him and can’t hide it. The far lefts leadership forgot, never allow yourself to be defined by your enemy. The lefts leadership had a poker face on that says they got a terrible hand. There is a sweet irony in knowing that CNN helped pick the losing cards with a cheat; slipping the questions to Hillary Clinton so only she was prepared ahead of a debate with Bernie Sanders. They don’t seem to be able to extricate themselves from this spiraling partisan control dynamic long enough to do what’s right for America.

This speech was red meat for the center-left and center-right. Remember them? They are the people that we all seem to forget are the voters that determine elections. The far-left and far-right don’t win elections; its the middle who does; both middle-left and middle-right. They are not ideologues. They don’t care about any of our extremist views. Whoever they ally with will win the next election. His speech was designed to win their allegiance. Much to the chagrin of the far-left and far-right he knocked it out of the park.

Yes, this was the speech of his lifetime. President Trump sees that he can have a majority by uniting the center-left and center-right. Think about that for a minute; the far-left and far-right will never ally and work together because they both want control to the exclusion of the other. Both extreme wings are also incapable of allying with their centrist wings for the same reason. The extremists just got marginalized by their own hatred, and President Trump was only too happy to assist. For those leaders on the left who have been acting like climate experts, they sure seem incapable at adapting to climate change in Washington.

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How To Identify Fake News

By jjron – Own work, GFDL 1.2,

by Kevin Schoen  Published 2/21/2017

There was a blog on line this morning that would help in how to identify fake news. It seemed to be trying to disguise their page as a news report. I found it to be heavy on opinion and light on facts. There was no effort whatsoever to cite information sources or to document the use of multiple sources. One heading said “Impeach Donald Trump Now.” This is not news. More frightening was this readers comment: “….we have the proof so arrest him and impeach him already. Glad the Democrat’s are doing their job to bad the Republican’s still have their heads up their butts. Pile it out already. How much proof do you need.”

Many in the mainstream media regularly engaged in partial reporting in what looked like an effort to bolster the polls for Hillary Clinton. At one point Fox allowed Donald Trump to be on Fox for, a daily, almost hour long call in, to the exclusion of all the other candidates. The examples are too numerous to cover here.

To treat this subject honestly, we should recognize that all of our mainstream news sources have engaged in “Fake News” in so far as they have all engaged in reporting in ways intended to promote a particular world view, to the exclusion of others. That is not to say they don’t also do some legitimate reporting. So let’s agree that “Fake News’ is a behavior, not a particular organization.


Consider the slight of hand in the following analogy:

There was an apple tree on a fence line.

  • One reporter reports that on the left side of the fence there were overwhelmingly more apples in the tree, concluding his side of the tree is more popular, and hoping to attract readers from that side.

  • A second reporter reports that on the right side of the fence there were overwhelmingly more apples that had fallen from the tree, demonstrating that the right has many more apples involved in the natural process of things.

  • A third reporter reports that some mysterious force has been causing the tree to shrink, worrying many that their world resources are diminishing and that its a problem coming, most likely, from the other side of the tree.

  • Real news” reports that the apple tree this year, after pruning, produced a larger number of apples on both sides of the tree and that due to the right side being on the south of the fence, the apples ripened faster and fell a little earlier.

It is super important that you notice that you cannot get to the conclusions drawn in the “Real news” example by using the facts reported in any one of the first three. This brings up an extremely important observation: Omission and spin create alternate facts in peoples minds.

What of the people that read or watch these types of “news sources?” They are like conclusions looking for validating facts. They are far more likely to be from segments of our population considered extreme. They are likely to have their conclusions fixed as soon as they find “supporting facts,” which are rarely facts. They are highly inclined to confuse opinion with fact. Once conclusions are fixed You’d have to beat them with the jaw bone of an ass to get them to reconsider.

It is deeply disturbing how much fake news is out there. Even more disturbing is how many people out there are intellectually incapable of distinguishing the difference between an opinion blog and reporting by an actual journalist. I frequently get comments on the title of an article I wrote showing the person commenting did not even read the article to find out what the article was really about.

Real news is not an unsigned and undated article anymore than a signed dated article is real news. If under the article title it says “posted by”with a name and a date, it is an opinion blog entry. If it is a signed and dated article by an actual journalist that only considers one side of an issue or postulates a single position on a subject, it is highly likely you are reading propaganda, no matter who wrote it. Real news will offer you both sides and leave you to your own conclusions. Opinion bloggers are a pretty safe bet if they are up front that what they offer are opinions. Remember though,by definition, every “fact” has a corollary fact or set of facts, just like the apple tree analogy, and if you draw conclusions from the work of opinion bloggers, and look no further, you are a big part of the problem.

When considering how to identify fake news, please remember America is more politically polarized today because there are so many purveyors of propaganda, and because we are a lazy people who refuse to engage critical thinking skills. Such behavior creates demand for “Fake News.” Apparently “Fake News” makes us feel like we belong to a group of like “thinkers.” In conclusion, “Fake News” is the act of misreporting, under-reporting, over-reporting, misrepresenting ones credentials, propagandizing and misinforming with an intent to mislead or manipulate. On a whole other level of deception is when actors are able to have news they don’t want you to notice buried on page 28, section D, so you don’t notice it.

Apple, anyone?

The Clinton Predicament – To Pardon Or Not To Pardon

By Lorie Shaull - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
By Lorie Shaull – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

It is a certainty that democrat leadership is discussing “The Clinton Predicament” and whether President Obama should preemptively pardon Hillary Clinton or not. More probably both democrat and republican leadership are discussing this very subject, with January 20th fast approaching.


Yesterday there were at least several articles out there that discussed Clinton’s prosecution. One article claimed that when Senator Jeff sessions recused himself from any future prosecution of Hillary Clinton, he was telegraphing that a prosecution was in the plans. More than one person made that observation. This is where things start to get interesting, so stay with me.

When a President confers a pardon on someone, I’m told it can be for a crime they have not even been prosecuted for, such as the case was with President Richard Nixon. However, it is not for future crimes. That is a really important point here. Allow me to explain.

One might say if Hillary Clinton was subpoenaed to appear before Congress or the courts to answer questions about her illegal email server or the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation or any other potential criminal act, that there is no point because she is immune from prosecution for all crimes previous to the pardon. You would be right, only in that she is immune from prosecution for pardoned crimes. Next, the real stinger.

What would be the point of such a subpoena? Well, once a pardon is in place, the ability to incriminate oneself and subject oneself to legal harm, no longer exists. Much smarter men than I are arguing that if there is no potential self incrimination, there is no constitutional freedom to remain silent when questioned. It appears that one can be forced to testify truthfully on these matters. It also stands to reason that if she lied when put under oath, she could be prosecuted for that, because pardons are only valid for potential crimes committed up to the time the pardon is issued. The same seems to be true for Miranda rights because they are founded on the same right for a person to avoid self incrimination.

The Fifth Amendment protects individuals from being forced to incriminate themselves. Incriminating oneself is defined as exposing oneself (or another person) to “an accusation or charge of crime,” or as involving oneself (or another person) “in a criminal prosecution or the danger thereof.”

A pardon would destroy Hillary Clinton’s political future with presumed guilt. It would also potentially expose the entire Democrat Party apparatus to incalculable political damage by association because she could potentially be compelled to testify on a myriad of subjects. Such a subpoena would, no doubt, yield charges against at least some of Clinton’s associates, and would set the historical record straight about the state of American politics in the early 21st century.

Not being pardoned would expose Hillary Clinton to real prosecution for lying to congress and for violating security laws, at minimum. She may decide not to walk the walk of shame alone by testifying against others involved, in exchange for leniency. Most certainly, the Democrat Party apparatus would suffer big political damage.

President Obama must decide whether to pardon her or not. The implications of either choice are potentially titanic in impact, hence the title “The Clinton Predicament.” If you had the president’s ear, how would you advise him, and why?

Get A Grip!

By Grombo - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By Grombo – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

An open letter to “Never Trump’ers,” “Never Hillary’ers,” “Never Obama’ers,” All the “Not my president people,” “CHINO’s” (Christian in name only), and anyone else that needs to get a grip:


Just like shooting at the pilot of your own plane threatens your self and your fellow passengers, so also does your constant attempts at weakening President-Elect Trump. Yes you look fat dressed in your new found piety. I am not talking about legitimate critique here. But wouldn’t you think critique would happen sometime after a man is sworn in and has done an official act in his new position? Oxford says to critique means examining in a detailed and analytical way. Lets be clear here; I hate Trump is not critique.

He has not even taken the oath of office and some of you are certain that nothing good could possibly come from him. While I worked my butt off for Senator Ted Cruz, he was not nominated. I am not a Donald Trump supporter but he was elected. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, and hope he doesn’t disappoint me.

Two elements of mental health are (1) the ability to tolerate ambiguity and ambivalence and (2) the ability to assimilate new information or adapt one’s worldview to new information.” – Cynthia Johnson

I am frightened when I see such a huge swath of the electorate completely unable or unwilling to adjust to present day reality. I am equally frightened by Christians who are going around reporting that God chose Trump as our President. Can you all please take a deep breath? God gave us free will and we collectively chose him. Yes, even those who did not vote for him; because that’s what collectively means.

I suppose that if Mr. Trump turns out to be a lousy president, you “God chose him people” will still be able to be right because God gave Trump free will and you’ll say he chose to mess up. Pretty convenient until you recognize that you had the same free will as he does when you chose to vote for him! I’m amazed at the mental acrobatics we will go through to feel right!

To those that unfriend people because you can’t agree on politics; the system of inbreeding that gave England Prince Charles who is known for his greatest talent, posing for photos, is the same system of inbred thought that will ultimately make you so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good. When Jesus said to be the salt of the world, he was telling us to be noticed; to contend. We are a component, not the whole meal. Isolating yourselves IS losing your savor. Think this through a little. Our system of government only works by uniting those able to compromise. In a representative republic, you will not ever win if you cannot unify with others, and form a coalition. Look at the weeping media, they heard only what they agreed with, and roundly criticized the “fools” who disagreed with them. They would not compromise. They are revealed now as fools, and ineffective at that! Remember the Democrats that left town so they didn’t have to vote up or down on Wisconsin’s Act 10, during the union protests? They totally lost because they refused to be part of the government. It was political suicide!



I recently read a political comment by a person calling herself a Christian. She said she deleted all of her friends and her family so as to not butt heads. She went on to say that now she can say what she feels. My first thought was that she fenced herself in with all the fools, and fenced out all those who needed reaching. What happened to contending for the faith? Some of these Christians use the name “Trumpanzees,” as if to reveal that Trump supporters are a lower form of life, and, of course, inferring they themselves are a higher form of life. As I read it, God did not put us in the world so that we could take ourselves out. Those that have been referring to the “Hillary didn’t win” protesters as “snow flakes,” you are the ones who look fragile! “Out of the mouth flows the abundance of the heart.”

From reading the posts and comments of many, I could conclude that many are not friends of “facing your accuser” or being “innocent until proven guilty.” Please decide now if you really like free speech, and maybe act like it! Trump is going to be our president whether you like it or not. I do believe that the presidency changes the occupant. I sure hope it does. In the mean time, LET’S JUST ALL GET A GRIP!


Fake News Is Weaponizing Speech


by Kevin Schoen 12/08/2016

Recently I published a piece entitled “Hillary is riding a two headed pony.” The article starts with Hillary Clinton first claiming that there was no evidence that her emails were ever hacked by any foreign government and then, when expedient, without evidence, claimed that Trump benefited from the Russians hacking her emails. Disinformation is Fake News, or turning words into weapons, or weaponizing speech.


Do you remember when hate crime laws were the thing? These hate crime laws elevated crimes against blacks and gays to a higher crime then if they were committed against a white or a straight person. Think about what happened if you broke a piece of Ma’s good china? It didn’t matter which piece you broke. Well, we’re all good China, but these laws diminish the excluded. Can you name me a first degree murder that is not a hate crime?


Do you remember when President Obama referred to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as our friend and then months later funded an opposition group to unseat the Prime Minister in his election? Do you also remember during our recent elections when one side accused and castigated Russia for interfering in our country’s elections?


Harry Reid once said that Mitt Romney did not pay taxes. After Romney lost the election Reid was asked about the lie and was criticized. His response was “but we won, didn’t we? Harry Reid recently said that Donald Trump owes it to Americans to quell the “fear’ expressed by so many, and that he caused them to be in fear. If you listen to Harry you’d think you have a constitutional right to never be in fear.


NPR recently tracked down a fake news purveyor and did a report on their findings. One man was responsible for 25 disinformation sites!


“The whole idea from the start was to build a site that could kind of infiltrate the echo chambers of the alt-right, publish blatantly [false] or fictional stories and then be able to publicly denounce those stories and point out the fact that they were fiction,” Coler says.”

He was amazed at how quickly fake news could spread and how easily people believe it. He wrote one fake story for about how customers in Colorado marijuana shops were using food stamps to buy pot.”



Weaponizing speech is where lies becomes truth, where “all lives matter means only white lives matter, where disagreement on principles somehow makes one a racist, where when you say all murder is hateful you are a racist or homophobic, where friends are those we attack, where deceiving the ignorant is a “great new tech job,” where seeding lies in the media is done expressly to discredit a whole class of people because they believed you, where one who declared themselves to be against gay marriage and at a different time for gay marriage, can describe themselves as holding consistent positions.


Throughout history, each time a culture was overthrown, the overtaking force made the conquered adapt to their language. The best example was the Soviet Union forcing the Russian language on the part of Europe they invaded. It may have been about control but it also had an efficiency component. So what is the purpose and what does any leadership get when they “go low” and sew lies, using this ambiguity to take away any practical understanding from society. They get a war worn public that feels uncertain, not knowing what to believe, that can’t get along anymore because leadership has divided them. It’s like we are back in the times of the Tower of Babel; like nobody can understand anything being said. Fake news is weaponizing speech, and  is active deception. The victor wins a position of leadership over people that no longer understand and don’t get along – What a prize!


Late Breaking – Judge Refuses To Order Hand Recount In Wisconsin

looking_for_hanging_chad_2000_presidential_electionI was just informed that Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn who was hearing the lawsuit to force a hand recount of the Wisconsin presidential race ballots did not agree to order a hand recount. Wisconsin state law requires that the requester of the recount has to show “clear and convincing” evidence” that using machines will produce incorrect totals…. The judge said she felt that the Stein and Clinton campaigns failed to show that. This means the recount will be done with tabulators, unless a county clerk agrees to count their own county by hand. In essence it is voluntary.


Initially, it seemed strange that Ms. Stein would want a recount in any state since her campaign has to pay for them. She, as a candidate, stood to gain nothing from requesting a recount. was soliciting contributions from donors to help pay for the three state recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.


Miraculously, all three states together had enough electoral votes to flip the results of the election. Curious how that worked out. It all was making Ms. Stein look like a Clinton surrogate since she could not really benefit from this recount. As of today, the Clinton campaign has joined Ms. Stein in her request.


Initially, Ms. Stein was saying that there was a concern that the machine tabulators may have been hacked. Well, she apparently was advised poorly because here in Wisconsin the machines are not connected to the internet. They are stand alone machines and would require an army of felons distributed to every location because, if they can be hacked, it must be in person. Don’t get me wrong, voter fraud happens in Wisconsin every year. There are at least a handful of people charged each year for casting multiple votes. In comparison, Wisconsin has a squeaky clean system to some of our neighbor states though.


George Martin, who sits on the Green Party’s coordinating committee, said Stein was seeking the recount because of concerns about differences between the votes and exit polls, as well as worries that there could have been tampering with voting machines.

“I want to be clear, there is no smoking gun,” Martin said during a news conference at Milwaukee’s City Hall. “There’s not something we’re pointing (at) to say that ‘this is wrong in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.’ What we are saying is there is enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated.”


If Wisconsin’s machine recount goes as I suspect it will, it will eliminate Wisconsin from the list of three states, thereby eliminating the chance for a change in election results for the country. In Michigan, the entire state uses paper ballots. How do you hack that?


This looks like a fishing expedition. I’m pretty sure they expected the judge to rule in their favor. We will never know now, but I was preparing myself for another episode of the “Hanging Chad Chronicles.”